HubSpot updates June 2024

News Quick tips HubSpot Updates Jun 27, 2024

As summer holidays approach, explore HubSpot's latest June updates. With new mobile features, AI-powered email management, customizable filters, real-time lead notifications, AI assistants, and enhanced CRM controls, these updates are designed to streamline your workflows and boost productivity. Discover how these innovations can empower your marketing, sales, service, operations, and CRM efforts this summer!

Marketing Hub & Content Hub

New mobile features

  • What it’s about: The new updates allow users to leave messages, tag teammates for feedback, and create and edit folders within the HubSpot Mobile App on both Android and iOS platforms. Updates available ranging from Starter to Enterprise.
  • What are the benefits: The new features enhances teamwork and efficiency by enabling seamless collaboration on social posts, marketing emails, and file management, ensuring smooth workflow with contextual discussions and personalized notifications.

AI view and filter available on the Marketing Email Manage page

  • What it’s about: HubSpot is excited to introduce the new AI filter and AI view on the Marketing Email management page! With this update, marketers can easily filter and manage their emails using AI-powered content analysis, boosting their email marketing effectiveness and productivity. Update available for all tiers.
  • What are the benefits: The new AI view and filter enable marketers to swiftly view, filter, and access their Marketing Emails created or enhanced by AI.

Sales Hub & Service Hub

Assigned Lead Notifications

  • What it’s about: Sales representatives can now get email and in-app alerts whenever they are assigned a new lead! Available for all Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: In sales, we understand that responding promptly to leads is crucial, and sales reps aim to take action on leads swiftly. Now, they can receive notifications via email and within the app when a lead is assigned to them.

Customizable Quick Filters in Help Desk

  • What it’s about:  The quick filters for the help desk ticket list can now be personalized! You can choose up to 5 additional ticket attributes to include in the quick filter toolbar. Available for all Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits:  This update allows customer service agents to customize their filters by selecting up to 5 additional attributes. It gives users easier access to their preferred filters, simplifying the filtering process and helping them find the right tickets more efficiently.

Goals available in the Single Object Report Builder

  • What it’s about: Goals data can now be accessed in the Single Object Report Builder. Available for all Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: Users can now generate single-object reports based on Goals using the Single Object Builder. They can save these reports to their report library or a dashboard for easy access.

Operations Hub

AI assistant to create workflow actions

  • What it’s about: The AI Assistant integrated into Workflows offers improved time-saving and efficiency advantages for automating processes. It allows front office teams to automate and streamline tasks effortlessly with minimal effort, while maintaining control over the results. Available for all HubSpot users!
  • What are the benefits: This functionality simplifies the process of creating automated workflows, helping users implement automation for tasks they envision but may not know how to set up manually.

Analyze Automation Performance via the Workflows Analyze Tab

  • What it’s about: With Automation Analytics, customers can rapidly gauge how much automation is in use and pinpoint opportunities for further automation to enhance their operations and the efficiency of their current automated processes.

  • What are the benefits: These analytical tools enable customers to effortlessly identify:

    • The level of automation utilized throughout their business and potential areas for additional automation.
    • Performance metrics of automations, such as changes in enrollment rates, and comparisons of enrollment across specific workflows or workflow views (groups of workflows).

Trend Lines on Reports

  • What it’s about: Trend Lines are a new visual feature designed to enrich your reports. You can now incorporate various types of trend lines within the Report Viewer. Available for all HubSpot users.
  • What are the benefits: Trend lines provide a straightforward and effective method to visualize the evolution of your data over time. This makes them particularly useful for addressing time-related inquiries such as "How have our sales numbers evolved over the past year?", "What is the trend in our website traffic over the last six months?", or "How have our customer satisfaction ratings fluctuated quarter by quarter?".


Place your account at the end of gradual feature releases

  • What it’s about: Now, super adminis have the option to delay the rollout of new features to their accounts in Settings. This extension allows admins additional time to test modifications, update documentation, and train their users. In BETA testing for Enterprise users.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot’s product teams continuously develop and release new features aimed at aiding our customers in achieving growth. While these updates offer significant benefits, some changes necessitate thorough configuration and training. By turning this feature on, you’ll have more flexibility with the updates.

View Record Access

  • What it’s about: Now, within the Actions dropdown of a CRM Record, there is a new option called View Record Access. This feature allows you to review which users have access to the specific Record, the level of access they possess, who the record owners are, and the history of ownership changes. For Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: The addition of the View Record Access feature improves clarity and openness for administrators when it comes to understanding and managing user permissions for CRM Records. By providing a comprehensive overview of user roles, team assignments, contact ownership, and custom user attributes that affect access privileges, this feature simplifies the process of identifying individuals who can interact with, view, modify, or delete specific CRM Records.

Activity Totals Card

  • What it’s about: The new activity totals card can be placed in the center column of record pages, showing customers an aggregated count of emails, calls, meetings, and tasks created for that record.
  • What are the benefits: This feature allows customers to quickly gauge engagement with a record without having to review the entire timeline. It benefits both sales representatives and managers by providing a clear summary of essential activity data on a record, eliminating the need to switch between tabs or scroll through the entire timeline.


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