Partner network

Partner network

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Growth through partnership

We have set out to build a network with the best, and nicest, players in the industry. We are also actively looking for SaaS partners who are seeking help to start their HubSpot journey. Our partner network also includes marketing, technology, and communications partner offices with whom we collaborate on our channel-independent customer projects.

Technical HubSpot expertise to support your team

You can also request a quote for our support of the technical development of your HubSpot portal. Many content marketing and communications agencies need HubSpot technical support to manage their clients' HubSpot related technical projects. We are happy to help with integrations, migrations, and technical development of the system, such as building applications and extensions.

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The most common types of partnerships


SaaS partners

Do you dream of the HubSpot Marketplace or integrating your services with HubSpot? We can help bring your SaaS services into the HubSpot ecosystem. Our technical team specializes in integrations and technical HubSpot development. We also have a particularly strong understanding of the needs of the SaaS business.



Customer demands for HubSpot's technical expertise are growing rapidly. We are interested in partnering with communications, marketing technology, and content marketing agencies to serve our clients in more diverse and high-quality ways.

Houston Analytics
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Shall we meet?

It would be great to meet and discuss how we could work together towards our common goals.

Whether you’re looking for an integration partner to integrate your product into the HubSpot environment, or you need a technical HubSpot partner for your customer projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Jens Sundell
Sales Director
+358 44 332 9832

Edi Sandblom, Houston Technologies

A real partnerFrom the first touch-point onwards the collaboration/partnership has been very smooth and productive. In a very short time we have gained a better understanding of each others skills and businesses, which has materialised in both new leads co-selling events and product development. If you want to succeed and you are Using HubSpot, it would be foolish not to have Kaksio on board.

Edi Sandblom

Houston Analytics

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No wonder! In addition to knowing how to do our job well, we are also real diamonds. Meet our Diamond Partner level professionals.

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