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Too busy for the wait?? In that case, directly contact Aleksi Lehtola, who is responsible for the operational activities of Kaks.io Labs. You can also find all the experts at Kaks.io Labs and their contact information here.

Aleksi 2Aleksi Lehtola, COO
+358 50 561 6445


kumppanit-ikoni 2 (3)Customer service

Have questions about our services? You can find the contact details of our account managers and project experts here. For general customer matters, you can also directly contact our CCO Janne Haonperä at janne@kaks.io (+358 50 339 3466).

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kumppanit-ikoni 1 (1)Sales

Want to discuss more about our website and deployment projects, HubSpot technical development, or a partnership with Kaks.io Labs? Send us a message via the form above or directly contact our COO Aleksi Lehtola at aleksi@kaks.io (+358 50 561 6445).

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ikoni 3Address & invoicing

Address (Finland)
Bulevardi 30 G
00120 Helsinki

Payment information
E-invoicing: 003731517096
Operator: 003721291126 (Maventa)
Service ID when sending from the bank network: DABAFIHH
Email invoices: 31517096@scan.netvisor.fi

Paper invoicest:
Vere Solutions Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

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