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Technical HubSpot development & Integrations

From integrations to customized solutions, extensions and applications.

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We specialize in challenging HubSpot environments and help you execute migrations and integrations. We also develop our own HubSpot extensions and applications to meet the needs of our customers.



Data is your biggest competitive advantage if you're able to utilize it in an efficient manner. We help you design and define data architecture. When it comes to multilateral integrations we have gained experience in Apache Camel and FRENDS -system projects.



Bring change as a part of your everyday routines. To ensure the best possible end result, our experts will be supporting your team and providing continuous development throughout the change process.

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With HubSpot integrations we aim to offer the best and most flexible ways to add applications from third parties and partners to HubSpot’s platform. We have a broad experience in challenging integrations with several different systems.

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Technical HubSpot development

Technical HubSpot

We specialize in challenging HubSpot environments and help our customers to implement migrations and integrations. We are also developing our own HubSpot extensions and applications to better meet the needs of our customers.

Website Development and Custom CMS

Website Development &
Custom CMS

We build websites on HubSpot’s CMS platform. Our technical team also helps to implement customized HubSpot solutions, such as network calculators. In website projects we utilize the agile Growth Driven Design (GDD) development model.

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Data Architecture Design

Data Architecture design

We specialize in challenging HubSpot environments and industry specific solutions, such as the energy sector. We support our customers design and implement data architecture using the HubSpot technology.


Data migrations

Data Migrations

Kaksio Labs’s technical team supports your organisation in migrations. The usual migration tasks on our tables have to do with blogs, websites and most importantly CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data.

Applications and extensions

Apps & Extensions

We offer a comprehensive selection of applications and extensions build on top of the HubSpot platform, such as the store locator, sales and CRM extensions and more.

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