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Case Eficode


Case: Eficode

The DevOps company Eficode had a mission to help their customers clarify the costs and benefits of different business investments especially for people looking to invest in the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform. They wanted to provide an online calculator that helps the potential customer estimate the benefits and costs of the DevOps platform. Kaksio Labs team designed and implemented the CMS calculator module for Eficode's needs.

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Case Lempi Kodinhoito


Case: Lempi Kodinhoito

Lempi Kodinhoito is Finnish cleaning company providing services from residential cleaning to window washing. By centralizing their customer acquisition processes to HubSpot and redesigning their website and internal processes with Kaksio Labs, Lempi gained nearly 80% more recurring customers.

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Case Efecte


Case: Efecte

A Nasdaq-listed company Efecte set out to find a partner for the implementation of HubSpot CRM. The transition from the old CRM (Pipedrive) to the new one was done with an agile project, including data migration and sales process reconstruction. Efecte wanted to achieve better visibility into the sales, marketing, and customer processes under one platform.

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Case Verso Food


Case: Verso Food

The purpose of implementing Verso Food's CRM system was to provide sales with an easy tool for the systematic and efficient handling of leads. The intention was to start with a light implementation: the main emphasis was on the introduction of an easy-to-use customer relationship management system. Kaksio team, which convinced the implementation with its expertise and attitude, was chosen as the system vendor.

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Case Netprofile


Case: Netprofile

Netprofile, a Finnish communications and marketing agency specializing in the technology sector, set out to find a partner to develop their website and improve the usability of the publishing platform. The new site was created in seven weeks using the Growth Driven Design development model.

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Case Nard


Case: Nard

Nard AS is a B2B agency in Norway with expertise in IT services, software / SaaS, finance and ERP. They help customers grow with marketing that creates trust and generates leads. Kaksio Labs has partnered up with Nard to support their most demanding technical customer projects.

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Case Live-säätiö


Case: Live Foundation

Live Foundation decided to execute a brand renewal to all its three brands, which meant new websites and a platform of sales & marketing tools. Kaksio was chosen as their design & technology partner. The schedule was tight, but Kaksio managed to create accessible, intuitive and easy to use websites in time.

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Case: Interface

Interface is a Finnish furniture manufacturer who invests in sustainable design. A timeless and skillfully crafted sofa is the best choice for consumers who appreciate quality. Interface’s webpages were renewed with the lead of Kaksio Labs, in order to meet the needs of the consumers.

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Case Jay Solutions


Case: Jay Solutions

Jay Solutions is Finnish reportage and analysis tools focused company providing scalable and customer oriented solutions for asset management industry and end-customers. In close collaboration with Kaksio Labs' team Jay Solution deployed the HubSpot CRM system and took their sales processes on a whole new level.

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Case Metroc


Case: Metroc

For the Finnish software company Metroc the step towards more data-driven business was a comprehensive HubSpot CRM implementation and an agile data migration from Pipedrive to HubSpot in cooperation with the technical HubSpot partner Kaksio Labs.

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Toni Schlobohm

Excellent partner for
Our company needed help to modernize our website with all the Hubspot functions and SEO. These guys really know what they are doing. From the beginning to the last phase everything was done with perfection and I can recommend this company to everyone who needs to modernize their way of doing and start to develop business with out-of-the-box mentality.

Toni Schlobohm


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