Service & CX

Service & CX

Customer orientated business development with service design methods.

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Bring the entire customer journey as  part of one continuum - from both technology's and customer experience's point of view. Whether it is HubSpot deployments or data architecture design, we support you.



Who and where are your customers and which channels are they using? Our service design experts help defining the buyer personas, customer purchase journey and customer service processes.



Bring change as a part of your everyday routines. To ensure the best possible end result, our experts will be supporting your team and providing continuous development throughout the change process.

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Service Hub Onboarding

HubSpot Service
Hub Onboarding

We are the leading technical partner in Finland when it comes to HubSpot onboardings. We provide expertise in utilizing the HubSpot service tools. We specialize in challenging system deployments, meaning integrations, data migrations and sales process definitions are our core competence.

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Buyer persona & purchase journey design

Customer Journey

We help our customers define the buyer personas and design the customer’s purchase journey. The defining is done together in workshops utilizing the service design customs.

Knowledge Base Implementation

Knowledge Base Implementation

HubSpot’s knowledge base pages offer support to your customers and help with the customer service work. We help you build the knowledge base page, implement and publish your articles and visualize the page according to your brand. 

Service design

Service Design

The foundations of Kaksio Labs are laid on design agency Vere Oy’s ideology, and this legacy still has an impact on how we approach the technology challenges and solutions. We always serve our customers with strong design know-how, whether the case was about a new calculator function’s customer experience design or defining a conversion flow.

Membership Portals


We implement the customer and membership pages that require registration on top of the HubSpot platform.

Service Hub training

Service Hub

We provide training for the new HubSpot users on how to make the most of the service tools. We customize the training packages for our customer’s needs and level of previous knowledge.

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