Agile data migration and CRM implementation for a Nasdaq-listed company

CRM Sales Hub Apr 10, 2023 4:30:26 PM

Case: Efecte

SaaS company Efecte helps service organizations digitize and automate their work. Customers across Europe leverage Efecte’s cloud service to operate with greater agility, to improve the experience of end-users and to save costs. Efecte's solutions are used, among other things, for IT service management and ticketing, as well as for improving employee experience, business workflows and customer service. Efecte is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace.

  1. Starting point

    The marketing and sales processes were divided into two different systems: HubSpot and Pipedrive. Visibility to the customer journey data was not optimal when the information was fragmented into two different systems. Sales and marketing didn’t have a unified view and measuring results was difficult.

  2. Challenge

    Centralize marketing and sales processes in one system and seamless transition to the new CRM.

  3. Solution

    Building former sales Pipedrive-CRM processes into HubSpot and combining customer data from two different systems through migration.

The goal of Efecte's system reform was to digitize and automate the customer's service path from marketing to support. Kaksio Labs was selected as Efecte's HubSpot CRM deployment and migration partner.

Better visibility throughout customer’s life cycle

Nasdaq-listed company Efecte is an internationally growing SaaS house, that offers a European alternative to digitization and automation of service processes. The company has set out to develop sales, marketing and customer management processes to best support growth and customer service experience. The company’s COO, Steffan Schumacher, wants Efecte to focus especially on digitizing sales and marketing processes and improving efficiency.

The first step towards this goal was to unify Efecte’s sales and marketing systems and transfer processes to a common environment. “We are building a sales and marketing organization that works together as effectively as possible. We mapped out the tools we had and found that the former palette no longer served our goals. Our problem was the decentralization of customer information between two different systems. We wanted to enable teams to work in the same process and facilitate both team responsibility and transparency. As we explored the options on the market, we found that HubSpot provided us with what we needed. Of course, the advantage was also that our marketing team was already using it,” says Schumacher.

Next step was to transfer sales processes to HubSpot and merge data from two different systems through migration. Efecte chose Labs as its HubSpot CRM deployment partner. Behind the choice were’s technical capabilities to implement accurate data migration and business-driven understanding of sales processes:

“The expertise, flexibility and solution-seeking of the team was impressive. The implemented project was a very technical and the assignment and schedules tight. We got exactly what we ordered. Now we always have up-to-date, unified customer information at our disposal, covering entire customer life cycle.”

Turnkey project and training

With the help of the migration carried out by Kaksio, Efecte's customer databases were merged. Customer, contact and sales project data were transferred to HubSpot. Duplicates between systems were identified using matching attributes. This helped define, when new records were to be created in HubSpot and when data from an existing record was just to be enriched. This operation ensured that customer data in HubSpot was only updated without importing unnecessary duplicates.

The migration was implemented as a turnkey project for Efecte. Often the customer is responsible for providing the output system data, but in this case, Kaksio's technical team performed all the migration tasks, including extraction of data from the other legacy system. Kaksio also trained Efecte sales to use HubSpot tools.

Technically demanding implementation on schedule

The technical migration from Pipedrive to HubSpot was carried out on a fast schedule. In total, it took about 6 weeks to complete the migration. Intensive data migration took four days. The use of Pipedrive was discontinued two days before the active deployment of HubSpot: this way, during the migration, no new information was input into the old system. The integration of two parallel customer records posed a challenge to the migration process, but the project was completed on schedule and within budget.

“We ourselves are a flexible and agile European option, and that’s how we wanted our partner to be like, too,” Schumacher says. “We wanted a flexible team whose expertise we could rely on and who’d delivered what was promised. During the project, our communication worked well and together we were able to finish the project on budget. During the project, Kaksio's team was always available. When unexpected situations arose, the team reacted very flexibly and always keeping the customer in mind. Kaksio Labs made sure we completed the project on schedule”, Schumacher said.

Cooperation continues

The cooperation between Efecte and Kaksio Labs continues. The month-long sprints will improve the HubSpot implementation. At the same time, Efecte internally focuses on organizational change management.

“Kaksio is a great partner for a company that wants to achieve added value and results quickly. When you want a reliable partner with technical and business expertise, Kaksio Labs is a great choice.” Schumacher finishes.

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