Streamline your customer operations with cloud based energy solution.

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Powerful solutions for retail energy

By combining Kaksio Labs' vertical solutions with HubSpot’s automated sales and marketing features, energy companies will have access to the set-up functionalities for process management, sales, marketing and customer relationship management.
  • Kaksio’s Energy vertical is a productized industry-specific extension built on top of the default HubSpot setup containing all the processes and functionalities crucial for running effective business and top-notch customer experience.
  • By combining the layers of our deep-end industry insight and technical expertise we build customer engagement and service workflows that supercharge your customer operations - and your business.
  • The energy vertical has been developed through intensive R&D and in co-creation with energy industry market professionals.

Leveraging the Power of HubSpot

Market presence and customer satisfaction scores position HubSpot as the global leader in CRM platform, Marketing Automation and Web Content Management. As deep-end HubSpot experts, we’ve connected the dots for our enterprise customers to leverage HubSpot technology to the max. What you get is a fast track to extended revenue flows and increased profits over the entire customer lifecycle. The platform includes marketing, sales, service, operations, and website management products.

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Modular Solution

Customer data library

Find all up-to-date customer data in one place. View contracts and contacts, consumption and communication history, potential churn-rate, payments and pricing details from multiple sources.

Insights to decision making

Make better business decisions based on up-to-date data. Simply by relying on data you’re able to react fast to customer behavior without any delays.

Event trigger

As new customer information is collected, create event driven applications that are automated and highly scalable responsive to bring high attention and consistent brand value.

Full coverage of customers in utility

Support any type of utility companies in both B2B and B2C markets.

Consumption estimator

An automated estimator to offer customers a clear understanding of their consumption, based on customer data or business rules.

Contract recommendation engine

Help customers find the most suitable contract for them in an interactive and seamless way by narrowing down options based on their Consumption Estimator result and personal preferences.

Contract lander

A step-by-step guide to contract signing helping you seamlessly lead customers from the recommendation phase to signing the contract. Close more deals by automating the repetitive tasks.

Automated & Personalized customer communication

By automating the customer onboarding process, including personalized emails and tailored landing pages based on customer preferences, you ensure seamless and supportive communication.

Seamless customer service process

Reduce operational costs by fully automating your customer service process. Provide customers with customer identification solutions, create utility specific solution packages and answer support questions by utilizing workflows.

Consistent omni-channel customer experience

Communicate via multiple channels to fully cover the customer touch points and to provide consistent service when and where the customer prefers.

Boost customer satisfaction

By providing customers with valuable information at the right time you can save customer service representatives time, decrease customer churn and improve customer loyalty.

Lead scoring

Automated lead scoring model based on customer interaction and behavior helps you get more high-quality leads and make both accurate and high investment return focused business decisions.

Omni-channel narketing communication

Provide your customers with consistent, personalized and valuable customer experience across both digital and traditional channels. With the help of automated marketing analytics reports you can choose just the channels your customers prefer for efficient communication.

Lead nurturing across the customer journey

Outdo your competitors by attracting prospects and converting them into loyal customers with an account based marketing approach based on automated and personalized communication. Utilize analytics of customer behavior and the interactions within the customer journey to create efficient workflows.

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Download the energy retail infographic

The energy industry is experiencing a major transition because of digitalization, regulations and sustainability requirements. We asked the opinion of energy retail professionals on how to sell, market and serve customers better in 2022. We have now composed all the essential data into one infographic - explore the future energy industry business trends by downloading the file below!

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Technical HubSpot expertise to support your team

Need help in customizing HubSpot to meet your business needs? Our experience in business design puts us in a unique position to manage even the most complex HubSpot implementations. We have partnered with agencies in different industries to help them thrive in the HubSpot ecosystem. We are happy to help with integrations, migrations, and technical development of the system, such as building applications and extensions.