HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding

HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding

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What is Marketing Hub?

HubSpot Marketing Hub provides comprehensive and the best possible tools for inbound marketing: grow your website traffic, convert leads, improve customer experience and measure your performance. We have helped tens of our Finnish and international customers with the Marketing Hub onboarding. Our deployment projects include everything from the definition phase to system deployment and technical design phases - and the training phase, of course!

What is the Marketing Hub?

The structure of a deployment project

The structure of a deployment project

What the Marketing Hub Deployment project includes?

  1. Kick-off meeting and preparatory assignments
    The deployment process starts with defining the starting point and the needs - let’s figure out the plan and the schedule together. As part of the actual deployment you will have the chance to estimate your company’s current procedures and policies through the preparatory assignments. You will answer the following questions: how do the marketing processes work and what kind of responsibilities do each team member have in the customer’s purchase journey. Throughout the procedure definition it can be planned how to configure and set HubSpot up to support the marketing (and sales) processes in the best possible way. 

  2. Data migration
    Before deploying the new system there has to be enough information about the possible old one. It is essential to find out what data there is and how to take it out from the system. In addition, it has to be decided what information is essential enough to be moved from the old system to the new CRM system, HubSpot. Finally, there will be a data migration that means
    moving the data to the new system.

  3. Lead process definition workshops
    Based on the preparatory assignments there will be workshops where the different marketing pipeline phases are estimated. The aim is to define together the company’s key customer management processes that HubSpot will support. As an end result of the workshops there
    will be clear answers on the following questions: What information is needed in
    the specific phases of customer's buying journey, how lead processes are produced,
    what is the conversion rate and how to nurture the leads.

  4. Marketing tools deployment
    During the project it is ensured that all the necessary HubSpot marketing tools are deployed and configured as part of the daily routines. These tools are, for example, email tools, forms, lists, workflows, social media content management tools, campaign views, landing pages and CTAs. In addition it will be ensured that all the basic settings considering for example the brand elements, domains and tracking codes are in order.

  5. User training
    Even the fanciest system does not bring additional value unless people don’t take the new tool as part of their daily working routines. With user training we want to ensure that all the future HubSpot users know the system and know how to act after the system deployment.

  6. Approval meeting and follow-up
    After the start of HubSpot operations your company’s CRM usage is supported and followed in an active manner. The aim is to modify the system based on the user experience - could the CRM system support some of the sales or service process phases even better?

Aditional Services

  • Lead scoring planning and implementation
  • HubSpot products and offers into the sales process
  • Design and creation of model sales emails and snippets
  • Design and creation of sales workflows and sequences
  • Implementation of telephone contact work at HubSpot (e.g., inside sales, bookkeeping, partner sales)
  • Definition and implementation of lead scoring
  • Definition and implementation of buyer personalities for HubSpot
  • Customer Path Design

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Toni Schlobohm

Excellent partner for DigitalisationOur company needed help to modernize our website with all the Hubspot functions and SEO. These guys really know what they are doing. From the beginning to the last phase everything was done with perfection and I can recommend this company to everyone who needs to modernize their way of doing and start to develop business with out of the box mentality.

Toni Schlobohm