Website projects

Website projects

Impressive and easy-to-manage websites with HubSpot CMS

Building website over HubSpot CMS

Building website over HubSpot CMS

We build HubSpot websites using the Growth Driven Design (GDD) development model in an agile and quick manner, always keeping the needs of the end user in mind.

The structure of a website project

The projects progress in three phases from the strategy phase to planning and implementation with inputs from our Kaksio Labs experts.

Compared to traditional website projects, GDD is a faster, more customer-oriented and, above all, cost-effective option for building a website.


2–5 weeks


In the strategy phase, it’s time to turn to your customers and think about the goals of the website. What are the expectations for the new page? What kind of needs should it meet? At this point buyer personas are created based on customer interviews, the customer path gets designed and the wishlist for the first version of the site is created.


2–4 weeks


Once the goals and aspirations for the new page are listed, it's time to move on to the implementation phase of the site. The four effective weeks will focus on the following work steps:

  • Site content and main messages
  • User interface design (UX) and site architecture design
  • Content marketing policies
  • Site wireframe models
  • The visual appearance
  • Technical development
  • Testing
  • Launch

Continuous development

It is good to remember that a website is never perfect. The aim of the project is to create a framework for potential development needs. It can be the development of new content and elements or, for example, the improvement of usability.

Website project pricing

Including Strategy phase & Implementation phase

Starting from: $19 000 USD

Continuous Development
  • Continuous improving of the website based on analytics
  • Optimizing the website and driving more traffic
  • Expanding current website
  • Continuous development starting from 1500 USD per month

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GDD aja Growth Driven Design

GDD aka Growth Driven Design

Traditional website development is flawed. In addition to being expensive and time consuming, traditional development very rarely meets the needs of end users or supports a company’s business goals. At its best, website development with us is agile, customer-oriented, and data driven, from website design to technical implementation and continuous website development. We call it Growth Driven Design, or GDD.

HubSpot as a content management platform

HubSpot as a content management platform

HubSpot provides its own CMS Hub content management platform for implementing website projects. Compared to many other publishing platforms, HubSpot is an extremely intuitive and user-friendly turnkey option for building rich and visual websites. When all the data related to users, leads, and customers is behind one system, the information is always up to date for all teams.

Continuous HubSpot development

Continuous HubSpot Development

Through deployments, we get to know our customers’ processes almost as well as our own. Our customers often want to take advantage of this understanding through a continuous service agreement. You’ll get a designated expert to help your team succeed with the HubSpot platform. The number of monthly service hours is always tailored to the customer's needs and wishes. In the broadest collaboration models, our experts are an integral part of the outsourced marketing team.

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