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Check out the HubSpot solutions made by Kaksio Labs' technical team below.
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Timeline Visualizer

Copy of Timeline Visualizer by Kaksio Labs (1)

Timeline Visualizer brings together all the important data of your customers' purchase behavior in detail. Learn more about the free app from the link below and start the download at HubSpot App Marketplace.



With a Workflow extension you can create discount codes that are shared to Shopify and HubSpot CRM. A discount code created by this extension is shared to an online store via Shopify's API and is available for customer communication in HubSpot.

Set up integration

Visma Severa


By integrating all sales and marketing data stored in HubSpot to Severa's enterprise resource planning system and to production resources your teams are always up to date.

Customized integration


This customized integration brings projects from Talosofta to HubSpot and simultaneously updates contacts and leads in HubSpot's data base to Talosofta.

Customized integration

Koho Sales

Koho Sales is a customized integration connecting an enterprise resource planning system and HubSpot. This integration moves lead, contact and company related data in a bidirectional manner keeping the sales process information up to date in both systems. The integration was created in cooperation with Koho Sales and a customer.

Customized integration

Atlassian Marketplace

Simplex Atlassian Marketplace HubSpot integration customized for a customer that moves contact's licence and contact information to HubSpot's data base.

Customized integration

Dynamics 365

We have created different integrations for companies using Dynamics as a CRM system. We bring contact and deal information to HubSpot by created events. For example, when a project ends, the information is brought to HubSpot and satisfaction surveys and communication continues by HubSpot.

Customized integration


A duplex integration customized for a customer that keeps customer data, support requests and customer related information up to date in both systems.

Customized integration

Google Reseller Panel

The integration updates license information from multiple Google Research Panel instances to HubSpot CRM. Client communication and analyses can be done in HubSpot as the license information is up to date in the CRM.