HubSpot's new Content Hub makes a marketer's life easier

News HubSpot Apr 10, 2024

On April 3rd, HubSpot launched its brand-new Content Hub, formerly known as CMS Hub, along with a fresh Marketing+ license bundle. This dynamic duo aims to revolutionize content marketing by providing marketers with a set of tools to create and manage content seamlessly. Essentially, Content Hub is the CMS Hub rebranded with added functionalities. But what does this mean for marketers, and how can they leverage these new features to enhance their strategies? This article explores HubSpot's new Content Hub, examining its features, benefits, and the aspects that change compared to CMS Hub.

Tools and Features Included in Content Hub

With the launch of Content Hub, HubSpot once again raises the bar by offering a set of cutting-edge features designed to ease marketers' workload. Content Hub introduces a range of new tools, some of which have been in testing for a while, and unveils entirely new features for users to explore:

  • Image creation with AI
  • AI blog generator
  • Website assistant
  • Content reuse
  • AI translations
  • Brand voice
  • Blog post narration
  • Member blogs
  • Content library
  • Content approvals
  • Content embedding
  • Podcasts

These features, combined with CMS Hub features such as landing pages and blog pages, demonstrate HubSpot's unwavering commitment to content marketing. If you've overlooked the power of content in your marketing strategy so far, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity and get things in order.

What is HubSpot's Marketing+ Package?

Alongside Content Hub, HubSpot introduces its new Marketing+ package, which includes both Marketing Hub and Content Hub. This package integrates content production and management with marketing automation, enabling the design of tailored content for the entire customer journey. Whether you're an experienced marketer or just starting out in content marketing, Marketing+ offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your strategy.

The Evolving Playground of Content Marketing

In recent years, the field of content marketing has undergone significant changes. Consumers engage with content across different platforms and formats, requiring marketers to adapt to their evolving needs. This shift underscores the importance of content creation and management efficiency, a need that HubSpot's Content Hub aims to address.

What Changes Compared to CMS Hub?

In short, not much, at least from the user's perspective. One of the most significant changes is the consolidation of former CMS Hub features into a new centralized platform. Migrating to Content Hub streamlines website management, blogs, landing pages, marking a departure from the previous standalone model. Existing CMS Hub users need not worry, as they can simply continue using the current system or upgrade to Content Hub to access the new features.

A Few Examples of Content Hub Features

  • Image creation and AI blog generator: Streamline content production with AI-powered tools that create compelling visual elements and blog posts for targeted audiences in an instant! And no, AI does not replace a skilled copywriter or graphic designer by any means, but it can assist, especially in the drafting phase.
  • Website assistant and content reuse: Improve website management and effortlessly repurpose content. For example, easily transform landing pages into emails or social media posts.
  • AI translations and brand voice: No more jumping between multiple tools; now you can easily utilize AI tools to translate content into different languages. Maintaining a consistent brand voice is also easier than ever with new AI features. AI analyzes and learns your unique brand voice from existing content, then provides AI-generated text suggestions for social media posts, for example, that skillfully mimic your brand's communication tone!
  • Content library and podcasts: Centralize your created content into new content libraries and explore new opportunities with the new podcast tool, all from one convenient platform.

The New Content Hub Aims to Streamline Content Production

HubSpot's Content Hub represents a step forward in content marketing, providing marketers with a comprehensive solution to meet the evolving needs of their audience. Whether your goal is to streamline content production, improve team efficiency, or develop tailored customer journeys, Content Hub offers a solution.

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