HubSpot updates March 2024

HubSpot CRM HubSpot Updates Mar 18, 2024

Spring is finally and dare we say officially upon us and HubSpot is melting with updates like the spring snow. HubSpot's latest releases are setting the stage for a game-changing shift in digital marketing, sales effectiveness, and top-notch customer service. Last month, we saw the introduction of innovative forecasting tools and service improvements, and believe me, that's just scratching the surface.

Whether it's through advanced integrations, improved email deliverability, or smoother navigation experiences, these updates are meticulously designed to streamline operations and ramp up engagement across various touchpoints. HubSpot is truly raising the bar once again!

Marketing Hub & CMS Hub

Centralized tracking for offline and partner event performance (BETA)

  • What it’s about: HubSpot introduced a fresh import process for marketing events, enabling thorough tracking of both online and offline event data directly within the platform. This new update is available public BETA for all Marketing Hub Starter+ users.
  • What are the benefits: This improvement provides a substantial benefit for managers who supervise marketing strategies involving offline events or partner webinars. By consolidating event data in HubSpot, you achieve a clearer understanding of event performance, including engagement metrics for registrants and attendees.

New and improved HubSpot navigation for an easier user experience (BETA)


  • What it’s about:  HubSpot’s Global Navigation team has introduced updates to the navigation menu and sidebar, aiming for a more intuitive user experience with a refreshed look and organized menu structure. The update is available in public beta for all hubs and tiers. 
  • What are the benefits: The updated navigation design ensures faster, more intuitive access to HubSpot's robust features for you and your team. Although it represents a notable change that might necessitate a brief adjustment period, the outcome is a streamlined, more effective workflow. 

LinkedIn Audience Targeting for Organic Social

  • What it’s about: With LinkedIn targeting, Marketing Hub Pro+ users can now tailor organic content to specific audiences. Posts can be targeted based on your followers' profile data such as organization size, industry, function, seniority, geography, and language preference.
  • What are the benefits: Target your social media posts in LinkedIn to specific audiences and get your message to the right eyes! This feature can also be used for A/B testing different social copy for different audiences. 

Legacy CTA Migration feature

  • What it’s about: Thanks to the new Legacy CTA Migration feature you can now easily migrate your Legacy CTAs to new CTAs with a simple click.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot launched a new CTA 2.0 in 2023, allowing customers to create engaging, reusable, trackable assets and embeddable CTAs. The sunsets for legacy CTA’s at the end of 2024, so this is the best tool to help you migrate Legacy CTAs to new CTAs.

Cookie consent banner customization

  • What it’s about: HubSpot enhanced the cookie consent banner settings with new customization options. This update is available for all Marketing Hub Starter+ users.
  • What are the benefits: Now, you can tailor our site’s cookie banner's colors, positioning, shape, and size to better align with your brand’s design and user experience.

Sales Hub & Service Hub

Sales forecasting supercharged with AI (BETA)

  • What it’s about: All Sales Hub users can now opt-in for an update set to revolutionize sales forecasting. HubSpot unveils AI-driven forecasting, utilizing the current month's sales data to predict future sales with precision like you haven’t seen before. Available in BETA for Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot's AI forecasting can enhance accuracy by over 95%, providing invaluable precision for better business management and strategic planning. Managers can now depend on data-driven insights for a more precise sales outlook, ensuring alignment with achievable goals. Furthermore, the ability to assess historical accuracy helps refine future forecasts, improving reliability over time.

Embed Coaching records in playbooks

  • What it’s about: Playbooks can now include resources such as recorded calls, call clips, and playlists.
  • What are the benefits: Maybe you’re onboarding a new sales rep or wanna have your coaching records handy in your playbooks, with the new update available for Sales and Service Hub Pro+ users, that is now possible! 

Close Date Automation for Deals and Tickets

  • What it’s about: Previously users had to manually set the date close dates but now when a user moves a deal or ticket record to a closed pipeline stage, the record's "close date" is automatically set to today's date.
  • What are the benefits: This feature assists in sparing users the need to manually configure the date. Administrators can now choose to deactivate this automation for the "close date" on a pipeline-specific basis. The purpose of this automation was to streamline processes for users, allowing them to concentrate on higher-priority activities.

Operation Hub

Workflow Enrollment Diagnosis

  • What it’s about: Now, you can effectively address workflow enrollment issues directly within the application! This feature will enable users to autonomously investigate and resolve any questions regarding workflow enrollment.
  • What are the benefits: This update gives enrollment details to customers directly within the workflow tool, enabling you to promptly and effectively address any discrepancies in workflow enrollment. The tool provides users with comprehensive logs detailing the enrollment status of each record, a clear indication of successful enrollments and reasons a workflow wouldn't (or did not) enroll.

Trend Lines in the Single Report Viewer (BETA)

  • What it’s about: A new update available for all tiers for public BETA introduces trend lines as a new visual enhancement for your reports. Within the single report viewer, you now can incorporate diverse types of trend lines.
  • What are the benefits: Comprehending patterns, trends, and shifts in your data is essential. Trend lines provide a straightforward and concise method to illustrate data trends over time.


New Source Property on all CRM Records

  • What it’s about: All HubSpot CRM user now enjoy the new feature where every record now includes a fresh "Record Source" property, detailing the original creation method of the record.
  • What are the benefits: This property can be used across HubSpot in everything from filtering data to building reports.

Activity Log for Individual Lists

  • What it’s about: HubSpot is introducing the ability to easily track key changes that occur to any individual list.
  • What are the benefits: Inside any list, you can now see:
    • When a list was created, edited, deleted, or restored
    • When a list was used in another tool, such as an ad, a workflow, or a report
    • When a list was converted from active to static
    • When a list notification was triggered via List Settings (enterprise only)
    • You will also see who performed these actions.

Help has moved to the top navigation


  • What it’s about: The link to HubSpot Help has moved from the bottom-right corner to a “?” icon in the top navigation menu.


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