HubSpot updates May 2024

News Quick tips HubSpot Updates May 28, 2024

Exciting news! HubSpot has unveiled a series of innovative updates across all hubs, designed to simplify your workflows, elevate your productivity, and enrich your experience. With the introduction of AI-powered assistants and state-of-the-art customization tools, we're here to support every step of your journey. Let's explore together how these enhancements can empower your marketing, sales, service, operations, and CRM platform capabilities. Immerse yourself in what's new and discover how we can help you achieve more. You won't want to miss out on the exciting opportunities that await!

Marketing Hub & Content Hub

AI Assistant for Google Search Ads

  • What it’s about: HubSpot users now have access to an AI Assistant within Google Search Ads, enabling them to create ad content from scratch with ease by providing basic prompts. This feature is accessible across all HubSpot subscriptions and tiers.
  • What are the benefits: Speed up your ad content creation process and draft Google search ad copies faster with the help of HubSpot’s AI assistant.

Converting landing pages in free and starter tiers to an advanced editing experience

  • What it’s about: This update simplifies the customization of landing pages in the Free and Starter tiers by enhancing the editing capabilities of Landing Pages. The improvements include:

    • Drag-and-drop functionality for custom and default modules
    • Ability to add HTML to the header and footer
    • Access to and ability to modify the site's source code
  • What are the benefits: Making your landing pages stand out and work just how you like it just got easier. Code custom modules and add your personal touches to your landing pages now!

New Campaigns limits

  • What it’s about:  HubSpot has raised the cap on Campaigns, empowering you and your teams to oversee a greater number of campaigns. Now, you can expand your marketing endeavors without being constrained by the previous limit of 1,000 campaigns to 5,000 campaigns.
  • What are the benefits: With this increased Campaigns limit, your team can now launch and manage numerous targeted campaigns simultaneously. You can create specific campaigns for different product lines, customer segments, or geographic regions, allowing for more tailored and effective marketing strategies. This flexibility enables you to scale your marketing efforts and reach a wider audience without worrying about hitting a campaign limit.

Create folders and organize your files from mobile

  • What it’s about: HubSpot Files mobile app enables users now to efficiently handle and distribute files directly from their smartphones. Users can seamlessly upload, download, and arrange files within a single platform, streamlining file management activities while on the move. Available for all Starter+ users.
  • What are the benefits: Use HubSpot Files on mobile to capture photos and videos on the go. Quickly upload them, organizing into folders. Default setting is Public, but adjust to Private or Public-No Index for sensitive content.

AI assistan for Facebook ad sequences

  • What it’s about: HubSpot users can employ the AI Assistant in Ads to create ad copy from scratch for Facebook ad sequences by providing straightforward prompts.
  • What are the benefits: You can generate up to six prompts for your ad copy, allowing for extensive customization beyond branding and enhancing efficiency for your team. 

Sales Hub & Service Hub

LinkedIn CRM sync

  • What it’s about: HubSpot has strengthened its collaboration with LinkedIn with the addition of LinkedIn CRM Sync.
  • What are the benefits: LinkedIn CRM Sync enhances sales productivity and insights by seamlessly syncing data between LinkedIn and HubSpot. This ensures that sales representatives' actions are automatically recorded in HubSpot and their owned contacts and companies are synced to their Sales Nav book of business. Available for Pro+ users that have LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced plus plan.

Custom lead Properties, required lead properties and lead form customization

  • What it’s about: HubSpot’s highly requested feature, Custom properties, is now live! You can now include custom properties to the lead object, determine which properties are essential for advancing a lead, and personalize the lead creation form.
  • What are the benefits: Customize the lead object by incorporating specific properties, personalizing the lead creation form, and managing required fields to capture vital data, streamline lead management, and maintain precise reporting.

All-New Help Desk Workspace

  • What it’s about: Help Desk in HubSpot is a central ticket management workspace that streamlines support by consolidating tickets and conversations. It features omnichannel messaging, CRM-powered customer views, and AI tools to enhance efficient, personalized service. For Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: Help Desk centralizes tickets and conversations, allowing support teams to efficiently manage, triage, and resolve customer requests. It boosts operational efficiency with a unified workspace for handling interactions, improving ticket routing, task assignment, and resolution times.

New knowledge base customization tools

  • What it’s about: This update introduces many new customization features to the knowledge base tool. For Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot heard your frustrations about the limited styling options for knowledge base articles compared to HubSpot-hosted website pages and blog posts. Simple updates to fonts or text alignment were impossible, making it difficult to match your main website's branding.

Connect HubSpot tickets to Slack and sync replies

  • What it’s about: Service teams can now connect their help desk workspace to Slack to drive cross-collaborative ticket resolution. Available to HubSpot users in public beta.
  • What are the benefits: Ticket resolution often requires collaboration, with support teams frequently using tools like Slack to connect with colleagues. Reps need real-time communication with internal stakeholders to resolve tickets efficiently.


Customize the record page

  • What it’s about: You can tailor CRM record pages to your business needs with our new easy-to-use customization features: a record page editor, card library, card settings, and React UI extensions. Available for all hubs and plans.
  • What are the benefits: CRM record pages are the heart of HubSpot's Smart CRM, centralizing data and presenting it to users. Now with more customization options, you're able to make the record pages look and feel best for your needs.

Multi-language support for AI Assistant in Conversations Inbox

  • What it’s about: AI Assistant in Conversations Inbox now automatically detects the language you're typing in and generates content in that language. Available for all hubs and tiers. 
  • What are the benefits: If your customer support team handles queries from users in multiple countries. With multi-language support, the AI Assistant automatically detects and responds in the customer's language, streamlining communication and enhancing service quality.

Email Reply Notifications

  • What it’s about: HubSpot now notifies you when a contact replies to an email sent from your personal connected email account. All HubSpot users get to enjoy this update.
  • What are the benefits: Stay informed without leaving HubSpot—get notified through your preferred channel when a contact replies to your email. While working in HubSpot can receive instant notifications about email replies, allowing them to follow up promptly without switching between applications.

AI Assistant to Build Workflow Actions

  • What it’s about: Creating a workflow is often technical and time-consuming. This upfront time investment can discourage automation, despite the efficiency benefits it offers in the long run.
  • What are the benefits: With AI Assistant, your marketing team can quickly set up complex automation sequences without extensive technical knowledge, ensuring efficient lead management while saving time and effort.

Email disconnection during user deactivation

  • What it’s about: Deactivating a user results in the disconnection of all their linked personal email accounts.
  • What are the benefits: This makes data privacy management even more secure than before and speeds up users offboarding process.

Improved File Property Experience in HubSpot's Smart CRM

  • What it’s about: Now, you can upload and manage files using a custom file property in HubSpot's CRM, facilitating seamless file management within the Smart CRM.
  • What are the benefits: The improvements to custom file properties in HubSpot will enhance file management. Here are some examples of their application:

    • Requiring that a purchase agreement is attached to every new deal created using the 'Create Deal' form
    • Requiring a file property based on the value of another property using conditional property logic
    • Requiring a contract to be uploaded to a file property when 'Deal Stage = Closed/Won'
    • Uploading a CV to a contact record, and control which users can access that property ('CV') using field-level permission

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