Centralizing the customer acquisition processes to HubSpot brought nearly 80% more new recurring customers

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Case: Lempi Kodinhoito

Lempi Kodinhoito is Finnish cleaning company providing services from residential cleaning to window washing. The cleaning business was bought and separated from its parent company Stella in early 2021 and with the company acquisition also the new name Lempi Kodinhoito came into effect.
  1. Starting point & Challenges

    The company wants to improve their operations with a new CRM platform and a new website. The project schedule is tight and both the sales and service processes are nonfunctional affecting customer experience.

  2. Solution

    Kaksio Labs takes the project lead and designs a new customer-centric website alongside the HubSpot Growth Suite onboarding and sales and service process design.

  3. Results

    After the project Lempi has gained nearly 80% more new recurring contracts, the website traffic to lead conversion rate has increased from 1,96% to 7,56% and the automated processes work smoothly saving approximately 20 minutes of the customer representative’s time per deal, meaning that the saved time is more than one working week for individual customer rep per month.

After the company acquisition Lempi’s team chose to improve their operations with a HubSpot CRM. They partnered with Kaksio Labs to build growth-supporting operations and customer-centric processes.The starting point was challenging; the old website was complicated and the information retrieval was made difficult.

"Filling the form on the website was made difficult for a potential customer also creating challenges for customer service teams. Conversion rate was weak and the service processes too long", Lempi’s Chief Marketing Officer Anu Petäjä reminisces.

The project plan was to execute a comprehensive HubSpot onboarding in just nine weeks. In addition to sales, marketing and customer service tool deployment Lempi needed a new customer-centric website and a customized CMS online calculator built on the site. The project was planned with a holistic approach considering all the essential business sectors. The goal was to grow the visitor to lead rate and the lead quality. Targeted customer experience was smooth and customer-centric from the very first website visit to the beginning of the customership. The other goal for the project was to grow the lead win-rate and raise the customer satisfaction. 

Practical processes are the backbone of every business

Kaksio Labs utilized the service design methods to define Lempi’s buyer personas and to design the optimal sales, marketing and service processes. The two different buyer personas were created based on the customer interviews. What comes to the process designing, the key task was to accurately define the current sales process phase by phase. After that the team was able to develop the current process by cutting off the useless phases and creating automated ones. The customer service processes were as well reviewed and divided into sections to gain understanding of the information needed in different customer journey phases


A functioning website and HubSpot Growth suite onboarding bring the processes into practice

Lempi’s website was built on HubSpot CMS where the new brand and content were also implemented. The technical phase of the HubSpot Growth Suite onboarding was done alongside with the website design. The most important conversion points, the smart forms, were built so that it would be easy for the customer to start filling them out. The customer's filled form provides the sales team with a comprehensive mapping and validation of the customer needs and the  system with essential information for the automatically created quote.

Individual customer service pipelines were created for each one of Lempi's business areas and the leads were divided automatically by postal code for the right teams to handle. Reclamations and customer service tickets also automatically move into the customer service ticket pipeline. 

Phenomenal results on every indicator

The project results are spectacular. The growth of the conversion rate can be clearly seen - as hoped. At the starting point, spring 2021, the website visitor to lead conversion rate was 1,96% as after the website project, autumn 2021, the number was 7,56%.

The aim was to minimize the unnecessary manual touch points of the customer service process by re-designing the processes and creating smart forms and designing automated workflows into the sales pipeline. The amount of touch points throughout the process till the delivery of the quote was reduced from six to three. As a result of the project, the customer service process is currently following: a customer service representative reads the form a customer has filled out, creates a price estimate and finds the right cleaner for the customer based on their answers. The last phases of the process, creating a quote and sending reminders, are done automatically. 

In addition, one of the project goals was to reduce the time spent on individual deals. According to Petäjä, the saved time is currently 20 minutes per deal on average. So, working is now much more efficient compared to the time before the project. As an individual customer service representative handles approximately 120 deals per month the saved time is up to 2400 minutes a month per person. Time saved is more than an entire working week for an individual customer service representative per month.

However, the most remarkable result is the percentage growth of the new recurring contracts. Compared to the period before the project kick-off, there were now 76% more new recurring contracts in the period after the project.

The efficient project had a huge impact on all of the essential business areas

The fast-paced project has had a huge effect on Lempi’s business.

"Such an amazing effect on the entire business. Customer experience has significantly improved and all the challenges faced in the starting point were solved. We haven’t raised the marketing budget at all but all the numbers have increased, Petäjä says.

In addition to customer experience the project has also had a positive impact on the internal processes and reporting. According to Petäjä, the project ran smoothly and was an overall success. 

"We achieved a lot in a rather short time. The whole time I had perfect trust in Kaksio's knowledge and expertise."


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