Vere Ltd targets global HubSpot markets with Kaksio Labs

News Feb 14, 2019

Vere Ltd differentiates its HubSpot business into a separate service brand, Kaksio Labs. The goal of Kaksio Labs is to be the world’s most innovative and desirable HubSpot partner. In addition to project deliveries, the business of Kaksio Labs is based on HubSpot extensions based on a SaaS-model and demanding integration solutions.

Applications and services built on HubSpot’s Platform and HubSpot ecosystem will quickly grow into an internationally significant business. The evolution HubSpot’s application shows a similar trend as for example the SalesForce AppExchange marketplace, which has grown to be a more than a 1.5 billion dollar business*.

Vere is internationally amongst the top suppliers of HubSpot’s technology and has been recognized even by HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan. Success in HubSpot’s platform-model requires partners to have a completely different know-how compared to traditional marketing and communication agencies. This has differentiated Vere from other actors for years and now that expertise is highly appreciated.

Kaksio Labs invests heavily in HubSpot’s platform and aims to build business around it based on the delivery of its own applications and extensions using a SaaS model. Challenging integrations will be an essential part of the business. The first Kaksio Labs HubSpot extensions are already for sale internationally.

“Now is a perfect time to create a dedicated service brand for our HubSpot business and to differentiate it from Vere’s more strategic business model, where customer segments and revenue logic are different. In the future, all of our HubSpot business will take place under the Kaksio Labs service brand,” says Juha Leppänen, CEO of Vere. Kaksio Labs operates 100% under Vere Ltd, the brand differentiation has no impact on current clients or staff.

Aleksi Lehtola has been appointed to be the Head of Operations for Kaksio Labs. “We found the perfect person for the job with strong practical experience of growing SaaS business to international markets. In addition, Lehtola's knowledge of sales and marketing technologies and channel partnerships in Europe and the United States is very important for us,” Leppänen states.

"It has been great to see how Finnish know-how is valued internationally. Now it's a perfect timing to start building something big on HubSpot's global ecosystem since we have an excellent team in our hands. You should definitely keep an eye on us!" concludes Lehtola.


Additional information

Aleksi Lehtola
Head of Operations / Kaksio Labs
+358 50 561 6445

Juha Leppänen
CEO / Vere Oy
+358 40 172 2224­2016/1/14/11588810/­salesforce-coms-appexchange-­is-10-years-old-today

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