Our favourite summer 2020 updates from HubSpot

Kaksio Labs
Aug 21, 2020

As the old saying goes, “HubSpot never sleeps.” New updates have been released to HubSpot over the summer to improve and enhance user experience. We’ve selected the most interesting updates from your favorite platform and summarized them in this post.

Marketing Hub

“Wait until” Workflow’s delay function

  • What it is: With the new workflow functions, you can delay the next step of automation for contacts in automation paths.
  • What are the benefits: This helps you communicate with your contacts only during the relevant dates and times. Example: Your workflow pauses for one day before it sends the next email to your contact. In the worst-case scenario, your emails will be sent to your contacts on the weekends and late evenings — which is not the best option! The new workflow activity allows you to delay the workflow steps until the optimal day of the week or time of the day to get your message through to your audience.

    In addition to the delay function, you can now copy and rearrange If/Then automation branches more conveniently and easily while building and modifying your workflow paths.

HubSpot workflow "delay until" functionality


Manage your Google campaigns directly from your HubSpot account

  • What it is: You can now edit the names, budgets and other advertising settings of your Google Ads campaigns directly from the HubSpot ad view option.
  • What are the benefits: Forget the dance between different systems! Work your Google Ads in one place.

Edit your Google Ads campaigns directly in HubSpot


Import Blog Posts as Google Docs

  • What it is: From now on, you can upload blog posts as Google Docs or even retrieve them directly from your Drive account and share with HubSpot. A great update for teams that work on the content on a separate doc before publishing it to the HubSpot platform.
  • What are the benefits: Easy new way to import the text peaces directly to the system without copy-paste hazzle.

Upload blog texts to HubSpot directly as a Google Doc


Save your marketing template as an email template (BETA)

  • What it is: You can now create email templates in the HubSpot Emails section.
  • What are the benefits: By storing personalized email templates, your team’s communications always remain visually cohesive. You can convert one of your existing emails as a template or create a new one from scratch and save it as a template.

Create HubSpot email templates


Edit and create forms directly in the page editor (BETA)

  • What it is: You can create and edit existing forms directly in the page editor as you work on the content of your website.
  • What are the benefits: With this new nifty functionality, you don’t have to work with forms separately under the Forms section but can handle everything efficiently in one place.

Edit HubSpot forms directly in your page editor


Multi-language function: Now available even on individual blog pages (BETA)

  • What it is: Blogs will continue to support multiple language versions (like other HubSpot pages).
  • What are the benefits: Website visitors can switch between different languages easily. Change of the language version keeps you on the same page so you can continue browsing where you left.

Create language versions from your blog posts in HubSpot

Sales Hub

Admins can edit all meeting links

  • What it is: Admin users can now edit and create meeting links to other users of the system.
  • What are the benefits: This lends ease to the work of the administrators since they can make changes, manage and create new appointment links for all users as required.

Sequence messages timed across for business days only

  • What it is: The sequence delay function is in many aspects similar to the workflow delay function that has already been presented in the marketing section. Sequence transmission settings and breaks between communications will henceforth be determined on weekdays (Monday to Friday).
  • What are the benefits: This new feature/setting rolls the communication more evenly through the recipient’s work days and doesn’t cause messaging jam at the beginning of the workweek.

Send HubSpot sequence emails only business days


Add HTML snippets to a single blog post

  • What it is: Individual blog posts can now be associated with custom HTML snippets
  • What are the benefits: Better visibility of content on search engines: an interesting functionality from the perspective of every content producer!

Ad HTML snippets to your HubSpot blog posts

Other general updates

Keep your contacts and companies up to date on all systems

  • What it is: Two way sync between your databases by using the PieSync connector. 
  • On the HubSpot import page, you can activate the trial period for your use. Read more here.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot can be conveniently connected to platforms such as Google Contacts, Active Campaign or MailChimp so that the databases are always up to date at both ends.

Keep your databases aligned with HubSpot's PieSync feature


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