Our favorite HubSpot updates from May 2020

Kaksio Labs
Jun 15, 2020

HubSpot’s May update stack featured a few very interesting little innovations that are sure to bring value to the daily lives of many HubSpot users. In this blog, we listed the most important innovations for Marketing, Sales and Service hubs, as well as general system-related updates.

Marketing Hub

Expanded ads reporting metrics

  • What is it: In the Ads section it's now possible to edit the metrics that appear by default. By default the page displays the price of clicks, deals and contacts, but with the upgrade also prices for MQL, SQL, lead, opportunities, and specific sessions can be added to the view. In the Ads view, click the Ad metrics link and edit the desired metrics.
  • What are the benefits: To support the strategic work of marketing to increase understanding of the average cost of different lead levels and life cycle stages.
  • Plans: Marketing Pro & Enterprise

Näyttökuva 2020-6-12 kello 15.08.29

Sales Hub

Basic Goals can now vary by month

  • What is it: Sales may set monthly sales targets that deviate from the basic target level. Sales goals can be adapted to suit, for example, the actual situation of each salesperson (every Sales user).
  • What are the benefits: The salesperson’s default goal for the month is 5000 USD in sales. In July, the person is on vacation, so it makes sense to adjust the sales target to meet realistic expectations. In July, the seller has a 10% target compared to the normal month, so the target for July is adjusted to 500 USD.
  • Plans: Sales Starter & Pro

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Account Overview Visualforce Module for the Salesforce Integration

  • What is it: With the launch of ABM tools, the company-level view can also be imported into the Salesforce account page. The window is similar to the previous HubSpot frame displayed at the contact level, through which the salesperson can directly view the HubSpot activity information found under the contact. In the company-level view, you can view company-related contacts, decision-makers, deals, and activities.
  • What are the benefits: One place with a lot of company-level information. Forget jumping between systems.
  • Plans: Sales Pro or higher plans with Salesforce enabled

Account-based Marketing Featurest

  • What is it: The launch of ABM tools has been one of the biggest product innovations in the HubSpot environment this spring. We will compile separate ABM-related articles related to the tools, their use, and account based marketing ideology in general. With ABM, the company level will rise to an even bigger role alongside the contact level. In the future you can for example:
  • Create company lists
  • Implement company-specific marketing
  • Add multiple company domains under the same company
  • View defined key accounts through a new view
  • Show HubSpot’s company-level info in the Salesforce account view
  • What are the benefits: Great variety of new tools to support companies with Account-based marketing strategy implementation. Stay 
  • Plans: Marketing Pro or higher plans, and Sales Pro or higher Sales plans

Other general updates

Reporting Limit Increases

  • What is it: HubSpot will offer more reports for all plans in the future! This delightful news is guaranteed to warm the minds of many marketers and sellers. The old report count for Starter will increase from 3 to 10, the Professional from 5 to 25, the Enterprise from 25 to 50 and the reporting add-on from 200 to 300 reports.
  • Plans: To all paid license plans.

Enhanced Slack Integration for Account-Based Collaboration

  • What is it: Slack integration is now more flexible to help you with ABM work. You can create automations that trigger the creation of a new Slack channel, import KPI data from target companies into the channels as notifications (e.g., number of contacts associated with the account, number of deals, number of page visits, and changes). Notes added under target companies go directly to the Slack channel for the entire ABM team to view.
  • What are the benefits: More efficient ABM work as a team! It is easier to stay on the pulse when you know the status of your target company all the time.
  • Plans: Marketing Pro or higher plans and Sales Pro or higher plans

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