Our favourite HubSpot updates March 2021

HubSpot Mar 29, 2021

Our March blog includes interesting updates on reporting, workflow, and internal sales data sharing. As a top tip, we highlight the Delay until event happens workflow function, which allows you to more effectively manage the dynamics of your automation paths and timely communication. The function serves HubSpot users both in external communication, but also in internal data and process management between teams.

Here are all the HubSpot updates released last month, enjoy!

Marketing Hub

Sequence enrollment now in MTRA (multi-touch attribution reporting)

  • What is it about: You can now configure attribution reporting to assign credit to any closed/won deal that’s enrolled in Sales Hub Sequences, or automated sales email nurture streams. For this, you must have MHE AND Sales Pro or Enterprise licenses.
  • What are the benefits: Measure more effectively the impact of automated sales communications on actual sales. You can now add sequences as a new variable to HubSpot multi-touch attribute reports. Attribute reporting gives weight to those automated sales communication sequences that have affected contacts associated with won deals at some point in the buying path. The feature is available with Sales Pro and Enterprise licenses.

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Tasks for marketing teams

  • What is it about: Tasks for marketing teams, build right on top of the sales tasks standards meaning feature parity, UX consistency and overall good alignment.
  • What are the benefits: Keep your team organized with HubSpot's new marketing task view! Tasks have typically served effectively to Sales Teams, now a similar feature is available for marketing content teams to schedule work and manage tasks - both at the individual and team level. Marketing tasks can be found under "Marketing" on the Campaigns tab.

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Sales Hub

Internal notes on meeting activities 

  • What is it about: You can now add internal notes directly to calendar entries on the timeline. Notes are not shared with other meeting attendees via the bidirectional calendar sync.
  • What are the benefits: Record internal notes and notes on calendar entries on the timeline. The “team notes” you add will not be updated with calendar entry participants but will be available for internal use by your team. If you haven’t noticed, you can also add comments to timeline activities and with that, for example, tag your teammates in comments. The more useful sales and customer support information is shared through the system, the more transparent, efficient, and personalized your service will be.

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More intuitive settings experience

  • What is it about: A fresh new design for the Settings navigation that makes it easier to find what you are looking for, then get back to your other tasks. Specifically, three updates: contextual settings, improved side navigation and updated permissions experience.
  • What are the benefits: Those who run HubSpot every day know that you need to visit the Settings page several times a week. The Settings page takes you to edit many of the key features of the portal, such as HubSpot properties, i.e. data fields, individual, company, deal and ticket level. The redesigned settings page supports the user with an even more intuitive and structured structure. Give it a try!

All Hubs with Workflows

Flexible workflows with dynamic delays

  • What is it about: User can now use the delay until an event happens action to pause a workflow until a property on a task, deal or ticket is updated. This unlocks a lot of powerful use cases in workflows.
  • What are the benefits: Delay until event happens -function is the latest addition to workflow delay operations (which have developed rapidly during the past half a year). Among other things, it allows you to communicate to your contacts more accurately and efficiently in a timely manner. Example: you send a follow-up communication to the contacts who participated in your webinar. You thank for attending the webinar, and then guide the reader forward to an in-depth article. The goal of your automation path is to steer the contact closer to purchase decision in the form of a customized offer for event attendees. You can schedule an event followup message with scheduled delay functions, or you can take advantage of the new "delay until event happens" -scheduling. Its idea is to activate the next Workflow action for those contacts who have done the action you defined, such as visiting a article or other website, filling out a form, or opening an email. So you can react to the actions of your contact quickly and agilely the moment they take the desired action. In the example case, you could automatically send an offer immediately to the people who read the article.

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Clone all & move all actions in workflows

  • What it is about: You can copy and move all the action steps in the workflow to the desired location at once.
  • What's the benefit: In the October release, we highlighted a new copy option for the workflow for individual action steps. Nowadays, you can do the same for the entire workflow action branch: when copying an action in the middle of an automation, you can choose to copy only one Action or the entire final branch after that particular Action. The new feature is really welcome and speeds up the construction of automation paths as well as reduces the risk of manual error.

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