Kaksio's new brand supports the growth strategy as technical consultancy

Kaksio Labs
Aug 19, 2021

In the beginning of August Kaksio Labs published the renewed brand. There are fresh new colors and technology themed three-dimensional designs on the website. Along with the new visual look also the strategy and mission sharpened towards the company's global goals as technical HubSpot consultancy.

According to Kaksio Labs' CEO Juha Leppänen the new brand supports the company's own growth strategy and HubSpot's transition to comprehensive CRM tool.

"HubSpot is growing as a remarkable customer experience management automation tool, supporting the sales, marketing and customer service processes of large companies even better than before. Our own strategy is to focus more and more in technical HubSpot development, such as demanding CRM deployments, building digital services and creating our own HubSpot extensions. Our customers are bigger and  international. We have already executed remarkable projects in different business sectors, specializing in SaaS, energy and education business sectors." 

Kaksio Labs has recently officially established the U.S. operations and incorporated as Kaksio Labs Inc. The brand new US office is located in Cambridge. New brand is natural continuum to that and part of the global business strategy.

"We wanted to build a more international and convincing brand along with going global and establishing our U.S. operations. Finland and the Nordics are still essential areas to our business but now a remarkable part of our sales comes from the US and Europe", says Leppänen.

Kaksio's CGO, Aleksi Lehtola sees the new brand as an important competitive advantage as well.

"Over the last couple of years, Kaksio Labs has grown from a Nordic growth agency to globally operating premium consulting company serving scale-up companies in both Europe and North American markets. When the company’s operating environment changes also the storytelling and brand needs to evolve, and our team has done excellent work on translating our story to our brand to fit our current competitive landscape."

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