Kaksio Labs wins HubSpot's Impact Award!

News Feb 2, 2022

HubSpot published the 2021 Q4 Impact Award winners in the end of January. For Kaksio Labs the results were worth celebrating - the team won the regional Impact Award in Grow Better: Sales category scoring nearly maximum points. The Impact Awards are held quarterly to recognize the solutions partners for their exceptional client work.

Centralizing the processes to HubSpot brought long-awaited results

The victorious customer success story is about the project implemented for Lempi Kodinhoito, a Finnish cleaning company. The project plan was to execute a comprehensive HubSpot onboarding in just nine weeks. Kaksio Labs had a holistic approach to the project, considering all the essential business sectors. The goal was to grow the visitor to lead rate and the lead quality. Equally important goal was to improve the customer experience. The project results were phenomenal - by centralizing the customer acquisition processes to HubSpot Lempi gained nearly 80% more recurring contracts.

"The project itself and the spectacular results followed by it prove that as a platform HubSpot is the perfect fit for B2C business needs. Once the sales, marketing and service processes are centralized in the same system the everyday work becomes more efficient and transparent for all teams. The automatization of the manual customer journey phases can totally be seen as real added value to business", says project team member and Kaksio's CMO Tiina Kilpelänaho

The project showcased Kaksio's strengths as technical HubSpot partner

In addition to the project results the Impact Awards jury evaluated the complexity of the project, the solution created by the HubSpot partner and the coherence of the actual customer success story. Kilpelänaho thanks Lempi's team for great cooperation and flexibility during the project and says that the project was the perfect example of how Kaksio's strengths are put in use:

"It was amazing to work in close cooperation with Lempi. They were so open-minded and ready to change their existing processes and ways of working. Even if we are talking about a technical onboarding, it's always about people and the customers willingness to improve their customs. In this project Kaksio's strengths; process design with service design methods and technical acumen were combined."

The previous time Kaksio Labs celebrated an Impact Award was back in 2018 when the team won the regional Sales Enablement award. 

Read the victorious customer success story by clicking the link below:

Case Lempi-CTA-EN

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