Kaksio Labs strengthens its leadership

News Feb 16, 2021

The lines of Kaksio Labs will be strengthened as of March 1, 2021, when Tiina Kilpelänaho becomes part of the management and owner teams of the company. Kilpelänaho has previously worked e.g. as a Chief Marketing Officer and partner at Lyyti Oy. At Kaksio, she will be responsible for the company's marketing and consulting customers especially in growth marketing process design. “During my career I've worked with technologically strong martech-brands. With Kaks.io I feel that I am able to join a journey that combines organic growth of Hubspot with technical excellence of Kaksio's team. The value Kaksio Labs will be able to deliver is unparalleled by none,” says Kilpelänaho

The company has also appointed Janne Haonperä (COO), Jens Sundell (CRO) and Aleksi Lehtola (CGO and responsible for the company's international growth), to its new management team. With their new role, the members of the management team also became shareholders in the company.

Kaksio Labs will invest even more heavily in its own technical HubSpot development. For us as an organization, this means a major transformation from a service organization to a software company. Services will continue to be part of our offering, but product development now stands alongside it as its own strategical key business area. This will require even stronger organizational efforts from us.” says Juha Leppänen, the company's CEO.

Kaksio Labs is also active outside Finland and will be strongly focusing on the North American market. Remote teams in Finland, Belgium, Mexico and North America operate flexibly regardless of varying time zones, while enabling seamless customer service anywhere in the world. “The pandemic has steadily moved the business online. Service organizations have typically operated quite locally, but now the situation is different. A service company can also be “born global”, which means that from day one, the activities also aim towards the international market.” Lehtola mentions.

Kaks.io Labs Oy is a technical HubSpot partner company. We focus on demanding system deployments, migrations, integrations and industry-specific HubSpot extensions. We specialize in the energy, SaaS, education and financial sectors.

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