Kaksio Labs reaches Elite Status as a HubSpot Solutions Partner!

News Aug 16, 2022

Kaksio Labs becomes HubSpot Elite Partner - making the Finnish technology company among the top 1% HubSpot partners globally. In total of all the 6412 HubSpot partners, only 59 agencies carry the Elite status. 

The third Nordic HubSpot partner to reach Elite Tier

With the Elite status Kaksio Labs strengthens its position as a global technical HubSpot development and industry specific solution pioneer. Among the Nordic countries, Kaksio Labs is the third HubSpot partner to reach the Elite tier and the first one to specialize in sales and business development instead of marketing. 

“The rise to HubSpot’s highest partner tier from Finland is something I find difficult to wrap my head around at this point. From the technology point of view we’ve been part of the world's top for a long time but considering the market size we’ve done something very extraordinary. This has required not only specializing in the certain industries but also solving wide and demanding customer cases”, says the CEO of Kaksio Labs, Juha Leppänen.

HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program is an ecosystem of sales, marketing, web design and CRM implementation specialized businesses. The partner tiers are Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Elite. The highest Elite tier is awarded to the top partners with a proven track record of successfully helping customers onboard the HubSpot system and generate growth with it.  

Creating the future of HubSpot - together

Kaksio Labs is dedicated to help their customers grow. According to Kaksio Labs' Chief Revenue Officer Jens Sundell, this is a significant milestone Kaksio Labs would not have hit if it wasn't for the customers and partners - they have made this possible.

"This is a remarkable accomplishment for the team. The rise to the Elite tier shows that we're on the right track even though our journey is only just beginning. A big thank you to our customers - you are the reason we do this."

Towards the international product business

Alongside the consultancy business Kaksio Labs is operating in the international product business providing industry specific solutions built on top of the HubSpot ecosystem. Scaling to the product business has opened doors to a brand new market but also given the opportunity to put the extensive knowledge on industries, such as electricity and utilities in use. Leppänen sees the Elite status also as an opportunity for closer product development cooperation together with HubSpot. 

“Our product development in HubSpot extensions, for example for the needs of electricity and utility providers has opened new opportunities in the US. In the future we’ll be focusing even stronger on the growth in the US market. Our extensive knowledge and experience in technology and energy industry transformation in Europe put us in a unique position when it comes to competition. As a HubSpot Elite Partner we have even stronger support from HubSpot and all the possibilities for close collaboration on product development.”

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Juha Leppänen, CEO Kaksio Labs Oy
040 172 2224

Kaksio Labs is a technology company specializing in industry-specific solutions. We leverage and extend the HubSpot platform to power world-leading customer operations.

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