Kaksio Labs invests in international growth as a future product company

News Oct 20, 2021

Kaksio Labs keeps growing and takes a remarkable step towards the international product business as Li Li starts as a Product Manager on October 18th 2021. Li Li has extensive experience in product development and a passion for creating products with a humane approach. 

-The recruitment was truly an investment in our future in the product business. We wanted a person in the team who will particularly focus on our international product development and product portfolio management, says the CEO of Kaksio Labs, Juha Leppänen.

Kaksio Labs has been developing industry specific solutions and doing consulting with many different companies from a wide range of industries. Now the deep understanding of different industries is used for creating products on top of the HubSpot platform.

-We have been doing demanding industry specific process consulting for a long time, and now it’s time to productize these solutions on top of HubSpot and build a new product business alongside the consulting business. Our aim is in the international market, Leppänen says.

As the HubSpot ecosystem grows and develops, the selection of different integrations, applications and extensions has become wider. According to Leppänen, Kaksio Labs however, will mainly focus on larger industry specific extensions or industry verticals.

-The industry specific solutions, such as extensions and integrations are something that are not so widely offered in the (product business) market yet. That’s where our specific knowledge lies and what we have to offer. To manage the product development we needed a person with an international background in product development and that’s where Li Li steps in.

Knowing the usual struggles in the product development process, Li Li sees a bright future for Kaksio in the product business.

-Kaksio has gained valuable insights from process consulting in various demanding industries, which has helped them very accurately find out the customer needs. Kaksio’s products will focus on helping companies improve their customer experience and grow in specific industries. 

Also the company’s technical side is strengthened by Miguel Del Monte Ortega who started as the Technical Team Lead in the North American team in the beginning of October. Del Monte Ortega is an extremely talented computer scientist with an impressive background in the development of digital solutions.

-HubSpot has really become a more customer-centric and comprehensive platform with a wide selection of possibilities for businesses. A strong technical team is a competitive advantage, says Leppänen.  

Earlier this year Kaksio Labs was chosen to participate in HubSpot’s App Accelerator program during which the first native HubSpot CRM extensions, like the Timeline Visualizer, were created. The development of new apps and extensions continues and when it comes to product business with a technical angle, also the cooperation with HubSpot will be deepened.


For further inquiries:
Juha Leppänen, CEO Kaksio Labs
040 172 2224 juha@kaks.io 

Kaksio Labs is the Nordics leading technical HubSpot partner. We specialize in demanding system deployments, migrations, integrations and industry specific HubSpot extensions. We have specialized energy, SaaS, education and finance business sectors. Currently we operate in the Nordic countries, Europe and the US market.

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