When others take a backseat, Kaks.io Labs invests in growth

Aug 12, 2020

Jens Sundell and Satu Mäkelä will join the strong expert team at Kaksio Labs in the beginning of August. The COVID-19-overshadowed spring has not slowed the company’s growth. In fact, its turnover has grown a 181% compared to the first half of last year. Thanks to the increased demand, Kaksio Labs teams are growing both domestically as well as internationally.

Kaksio Labs, HubSpot partner agency, specializes in HubSpot-technology based services and technical development. It aims for strong growth in the ongoing fall. “The international markets have a clear demand for our technical HubSpot expertise,” says Aleksi Lehtola, Head of Operations at Kaksio Labs. Although many international customers are remotely handled from Finland, Kaksio Labs has local experts stationed in Mexico and Belgium. The goal is to also build a team in the North American market by the end of the year. As Niklas Vaittinen, who is located in Mexico City and joined the Kaksio Labs team earlier in the spring, says: “The growth of Kaksio Labs has been tremendous, so I definitely wanted to join this team and offer my own expertise to accelerate the growth. I strongly believe that we have the know-how, motivation and experience to take over the North American market.”.

Two new experts to strengthen the rows of Kaksio Labs

The FNew Kaks.io Labs team members Satu Mäkelä and Jens Sundellinnish team will grow with the services of two new experts from the beginning of August. Jens Sundell's task is to support Kaksio Labs' growth in the Nordic domestic market and strengthen the expert team's SaaS (software as a service) business knowledge. Sundell, who has been part of the growth process for Smarp, the Finnish SaaS company, was convinced of Kaksio Labs’ strategy: “Kaksio not only focuses on HubSpot consulting, but also actively develops its own technology for the HubSpot ecosystem. This scalable model sets Kaksio Labs apart from many other players in the industry.”

Satu Mäkelä will start as part of Kaksio Labs' customer team, working on both new projects and ongoing services. She has experience in marketing, technology projects as well as projects related to the HubSpot system. “It's great to be involved in building the growth of Kaksio Labs and to also be able grow with it,”  Mäkelä summarizes.

Scalability-based growth and strong industry-specific knowledge

The goal of Kaksio Labs, which recently renewed its brand, is clear: to be the world's best technical HubSpot partner. “Kaksio. Labs’ growth strategy is based on a strong vision where the HubSpot ecosystem is constantly evolving. Our aim is to produce a scalable and packaged service channel model for the global market. Our strong positioning has enabled us to rapidly grow in the HubSpot ecosystem where only less than 2% of HubSpot partners reach the diamond partner status that we have achieved. We have also been selected for HubSpot’s Strategic Elite Growth Program that only has 15 European partners. Only 0.2% of partners belong to the Elite level. To be able to support significant growth and internationalization, we are also considering investor or growth funding for the company,” says Juha Leppänen, CEO of the company.

Technical expertise is crucial in the demand for HubSpot onboardings as well as when developing new applications and extensions tailored to customer needs. Kaksio Labs primarily specializes in SaaS, education, energy and financial sectors: “These industries tend to have somewhat complex business environments and that’s where we are at our strongest,” says Aleksi Lehtola. The offered services consist of the onboarding of the HubSpot system, website implementations built on the HubSpot content management system and technical projects such as migration and the development of new HubSpot applications.

For further information, please contact:
Juha Leppänen, CEO
+358 40 172 2224

Aleksi Lehtola, COO
+358 50 5616445

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