Kaks.io Labs becomes HubSpot platinum partner

Kaksio Labs
Apr 22, 2019

Vere Ltd's service brand Kaksio Labs continues to grow strongly in HubSpot business scene. During the spring Kaksio has gained many new key customers, and has moved up from gold to platinum tier agency partner. This is all part of Kaksio Labs' business strategy to #growbetter with HubSpot platform. 

"We separated our HubSpot services into an own brand just 2 months ago. We have managed to distinguish ourselves as an innovative player in the market very quickly and have also received a lot of international attention. We are very grateful to our amazing customers who have trusted their HubSpot activities to our hands", says Juha Leppänen, CEO of Vere.

"Our rising to Platinum tier is a clear signal that our growth strategy works and we have found our market fit where we can offer value to our vertical in a global scale", says Aleksi Lehtola, Head of Operations at Kaksio Labs.

Kaks.io Labs is HubSpot's Platinum tiered agency partner.

Kaksio Labs aims to diffentiate itself from many of its competitors with strong technical expertise: that is why HubSpot extensions and applications are part of the core offering. "We have launched our first integrated extensions and more is to come", Lehtola says. Kaksio Labs is building extensive partner network with companies which has value-adding technologies to integrate into HubSpot platform. During this year Kaksio has already integrated technologies e.g. AI and call bots. "It is exciting to be innovating and creating something completely new in HubSpot ecosystem", Lehtola concludes.

Kaksio Labs actively pursues visibility in the international market. This is supported by a series of webinars with key influencers from HubSpot. "On May 8th we will have a real treat when the pioneer of the inbound revolution, Dan Tyre from HubSpot is guest starring our webinar", says Aleksi Lehtola. Topic of the upcoming webinar is "Transition from legacy sales over to inbound sales" and it is especially targeted to people who work in sales, marketing or management. 

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For more information, please contact:

Aleksi Lehtola
Head of Operations / Kaksio Labs
+358 50 561 6445

Juha Leppänen
CEO / Vere Ltd
+358 40 172 2224

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