Kaksio Labs and Tampere University of Applied Sciences partner to teach students practical HubSpot skills through SalesHackers competition

Kaksio Labs
Oct 20, 2020

For the first time the annual SalesHackers competition takes advantage of HubSpot technology. Kaksio Labs has been selected as a partner for Tampere University of Applied Sciences for the development of students' HubSpot competence. "The level of sales and marketing training at Tampere University of Applied Sciences is known to be top notch in our country and we are really taken from the fact that we were chosen as a partner for this unique student collaboration," says Juha Leppänen, CEO of Kaksio Labs.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is excited about the partnership with Kaksio Labs: “Kaksio's willingness to do business and work closely with the university community has impressed us. When building a new learning model, you need to be able to react to things on a fast schedule. As the competition progresses, many new and unforeseeable situations will be encountered. These challenges are then solved together with students, clients, coaches and a technical partner,” says Mika Jokinen, the competition’s head coach, lecturer at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Students will be able to implement a genuine sales and marketing campaign during the SalesHackers competition in October. Twelve companies from Pirkanmaa are involved, whose products and services are marketed and sold by competition groups consisting of students in a competition. This year, students will receive a HubSpot Education License for educational use. Students will take advantage of the full set of features and tools during the competition in order to boost their customers’ businesses.

The aim of the competition is to provide students with experience in learning the right sales and marketing skills and applying the theory learned in school in the right sales situation. A practical understanding of tools, systems, and processes is perceived as valuable when moving into working life. Kaksio Labs wants to be involved in developing students 'skills “This is a unique opportunity at both the Finnish and Nordic levels to be genuinely involved in supporting students' abilities for the demands of future working life. The practical skills of systems such as HubSpot play an important role in modern organizations and thus getting employed,” says Leppänen.

A similar co-operation model between a university, a HubSpot partner office and HubSpot has never been seen in the Nordic countries before. HubSpot's Education Partner Program Manager, Julia Gueron, is excited about the university collaboration starting in Finland: “We are excited to launch this educational co-project with a highly reputable Nordic business university. HubSpot partner agency Kaksio Labs has done a great job building the relationship between HubSpot and the University of Applied Sciences in Tampere. It's our interest to find partner agencies like Kaksio Labs, to support the local Universities and schools to build knowledge of modern marketing tools, like HubSpot, among the students.”

It was important for the university to find just the right partners to implement the SalesHackers competition: “As in working life, this sales competition has wanted to be fully effective by performing the roles in the best possible way. Coaches are responsible for co-teaching, pedagogical content, client companies for product knowledge and Kaksio Labs for technical expertise in implementing both sales and marketing automation processes in the best possible way. At the same time, each party learns something new in the project," say lecturers Minna Heikinheimo and Miina Kivelä.

For more information, please contact:
Juha Leppänen, President and CEO of Kaksio Labs Oy
+358 40 172 2224

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