Our favourite HubSpot updates January 2021

HubSpot Jan 29, 2021

The new year kicks off by reviewing what hands-on product and functionality updates HubSpot brought to its users during December. Includes interesting updates for reporting and an email editor, among other things. Those who started using HubSpot before March 2019 still remember the times when separate templates were created for emails. These templates were assembled from elements and branded to meet the customer’s needs. Many have used these old email templates to day, but now is the time to move on to the "new" drag & drop editor! We finally say goodbye to the old classic editor, which was merged into a modern drag & drop editor at the beginning of the year at the latest.

Marketing Hub & CMS Hub

Revenue attribution reporting supports event registration, event attendance and video views

  • What is it about:  Add event registrations and attendance, as well as video views to revenue attribution reports.
  • What are the benefits: More opportunities to report are always beneficial. Now you can see the amounts of euros that events and videos bring in. This increases the transparency of marketing, as well as helps to understand how useful these measures are in monetary terms. This feature can be turned on when you follow the path Settings > Reports > Attribution.

Attribution reporting: videos & events

New Attribution model: time decay

  • What is it about: All multi-touch Attribution reports allow the new Time-decay attribute model to be utilized in reporting.
  • What are the benefits: The time decay model takes into account all the events that ultimately led to the creation of a contact or customer relationship. The events that are closest to the final conversion are highlighted the most. It is important for marketing that there are enough different attribute models available: a linear model is not always the most suitable for estimating the importance of different points of contact. The new option allows you to afford to choose the most suitable for your needs.


New merged email editor

  • What is it about: The modern drag & drop email editor replaces the old classic editor - forever.
  • What are the benefits: If you are a senior HubSpot user, you may have noticed that when creating an email, you can choose to edit your email to send status in the so-called "classic editor" only in the new "drag & drop" editor. Now this old editor is no more and with the new editor, you have a much easier, more intuitive and flexible email notification experience. The old editor was largely based on more rigid structure, which were largely impossible to edit without the help of a technical developer. In the Drag & drop editor, you are also free to edit old templates or create completely new email solutions by dragging and adding the elements you want. So you’re not stuck with tightly defined old email templates.

    The new editing mode is automatically available to all new customers and requires no action. All old email templates are editable with the drag and drop editor, and previous templates created with Design Manager have not been locked or destroyed. Not all old templates can yet be moved as in drag and drop mode (this will also be supported in future updates), but otherwise all the same functionalities are possible right away!


Sales Hub

Pooled e-signature limits

  • What is it about: In the future, the paid seat user will be able to use all the e-signatures of the portal, ie the personal signature amounts of paid sales users will be transferred to a common team pool that can be used by the whole team.
  • What are the benefits: After the previous restriction of 10 e-signatures per paid seat user is removed, the portal with 5 paid Seat has a total of 10 * 5 = 50 e-signatures in use. Each e-signature is available to all paid seat users of the portal.

All Hubs

Drag-and-drop attaching files to conversations inbox and chat widgets

  • What is it about: You can drag files directly into inbox and chat conversations.
  • What are the benefits: Adding files is more intuitive and similar to what other platforms are used to. Fewer clicks are always better. It is now also possible to copy gifs, images and emojis to conversations.


Video module in emails

  • What is it about: A video module that allows you to add video content to your emails faster and easier.
  • What are the benefits: You no longer need to create a separate landing page where you can embed the video and direct the email reader via a link. You can now select a video module in the email editor and HubSpot will create its own embed page where you can watch the video. You can also attach a video from YouTube to this, so you can create the Thumbnail you want for the video in HubSpot.


Conversations is now an object

  • What is it about: Conversations are now your own objects that you can utilize easier, for example, in reporting.
  • What are the benefits: You no longer need to create a ticket for chat conversations to keep track of the number of conversations that have taken place. Reporting becomes easier when there are more opportunities to report conversations. After upcoming updates, you can take advantage of chat conversations directly in workflow automation paths, for example. We are already looking forward to this!


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