Introducing HubSpot's first regional data centre in Europe

News HubSpot Aug 16, 2021

In July HubSpot launched their first regional data centre in Europe. It's fantastic news, since it makes a huge difference for the EMEA customers and HubSpot partners and their in-region data storage. HubSpot has heard their European customers loud and clear and takes the concerns regarding data storage very seriously.

“We understand the increasing concerns regarding where data is hosted and stored -- particularly given the changing regulatory landscape in Europe, in addition to different cultural norms”, it was commented by HubSpot.

As the regional storage is complicated, especially when it comes to migrating existing data, HubSpot has decided that the timeline for accessing the EU Data Centre will be different for new versus existing HubSpot customers and partners. New HubSpot customers and partners have been eligible to use the EU Data Centre starting July 19, 2021. For existing customers and partners, HubSpot is currently building the ability to migrate existing customer data to HubSpot’s EU Data Centre as seamlessly as possible. The EU Data Centre will be available for this group in 2022.

What there is to know about the EU Data Centre?

Here we have collected together some of the FAQs from HubSpot's website:

Why is this happening now?

HubSpot's European customers have been asking for regional data storage for a few years, and the importance of this has increased as regulations have changed. With a regulatory landscape that can change quickly and strong cultural norms around privacy, customers feel safer and more stable with in-region data storage. Additionally, serving customers with data storage in their region improves both reliability and latency.

For many customers, not storing their data in the EU increases friction in their sales and partnership conversations. HubSpot's new EU Data Centre will allow these customers to reduce worry and risk associated with non-compliance and cultural norms, and get back to focusing on their jobs. 

What are the benefits of Data Migration to HubSpot customers?

The primary benefits of migrating data for customers and partners are:

  • It will allow them to store data in the EU
  • It will improve latency and reliability for customers who are far from the US

What is included in this migration solution i.e. what data will be brought over?

Currently, HubSpot anticipates that most data stored within HubSpot will be migratable. They are exploring ways to manage pieces that are external to HubSpot -- such as DNS registration or embeds on customer websites.

Are there additional data centres planned for other regions?

At present HubSpot doesn't have any immediate plans for additional data centres.


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