Increase agency revenue by 245% in 8 weeks with Dan Tyre

Sep 3, 2019

We got a taste of Dan's wisdom at the begining of May when he visited Kaksio Labs' webinar. The topic of the webinar was "The transition from legacy sales to inbound sales". Dan explained why we should all start exploring what can be achieved with inbound sales. He had some impressive statistics to show the audience, and he even convinced me to apply for PGB. Dan told me that on average HubSpot partners get a 245% increase in their revenue as a result of attending the bootcamp. We certainly felt the results. Our agency doubled our activities and won more projects and retainers than ever before. It's not a coincidence that soon after the program, we became a HubSpot Platinum certified agency partner

How do you recognize a PGB (Pipeline Generation Bootcamp) graduate lion? The call always starts with a strong opening statement followed by a long pause. The conversation is a smooth ride. The caller knows you and your business, although you've never talked before. This Lion is here to help you. You might recognize sentences like "Oh, that sounds interesting... Can you please tell me more". Phrases like that are what we practiced in groups until we got it right. Dan Tyre truly whisked away the fear of picking up the phone.

On the PGB program we worked on topics like agency positioning statements, good lead fit and video prospecting. The topics helped us understand what buyers are thinking in 2019. After the first few weeks our hit rate started to increase and we were more confident to choose who we were best to serve. Kaksio Labs is a technical growth agency and our strength relies on helping fast growing tech and SaaS companies. We help them reach their goals by integrating their tool stack and smarketing processes. The confidence of our sales team increased as the program went along, since we got valuable examples of how to handle gatekeepers, resistance and objections. In addition, I learned my new favorite sentence; "It doesn't sound like you are expecting my call... [pause]". This makes people's lizard brain go crazy, as Dan would say.


If you don't know Dan Tyre yet, he was the first sales person at HubSpot and has been building the success story since. He's a person who has taken the mentality of helping to real-life action. You can find Dan sparring entrepreneurs at cafe's in Phoenix, Arizona.  I wanted to understand the evolution of the PGB program and why Dan is doing it. So, I jumped on a plane from Helsinki to Phoenix and asked him exactly that!

Click to listen to my podcast with Dan Tyre.

The writer, Aleksi Lehtola, is Kaksio Labs' Head of Operations.

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