INBOUND 2022 Insights: The Age of the Connected Customer

HubSpot Sep 7, 2022

At the INBOUND 2022 held in Boston, MA, HubSpot launched a great deal of new product updates for all the HubSpot users out there. During the Spotlight session, aka the launching presentation, HubSpot also presented the ideology of "The Age of the Connected Customer". According to HubSpot, the challenge today is disconnection between data, systems, customers and people. Their solution is a connected CRM platform that helps you create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers. How is this done, you might ask. The core is in delivering more customer value by adding flexibility, creating customized experiences but yet, keeping data-privacy in mind. In short, we need to focus on customer connection rather than customer management.

CRM & Integrations

Thinking about changing to HubSpot's CRM? We got some news for you!

HubSpot has renewed the CRM platform according their ideology of tackling the disconnection issues. Many of the following features has to do with data quality, data management and CRM customization which all - believe you me, will help you make your daily work a tiny bit easier and better so you can provide more value to your customers. 

  • Import Error Handling: When moving to a new CRM system, you usually import you old data first. New improved import experience flags and resolves data issues before they can be published to the CRM. This will definitely help you keep your system up-to-date from the day one. This feature will also strengthen your data privacy because when you only bring accurate data to your new CRM, contacts in it are there for a reason!
  •  Data Model Overview:  According to HubSpot, data quality starts with a good data structure - and we can totally agree! This tool helps especially the new HubSpot CRM users visualize how their data is organized in the HubSpot platform. The tool shows standard objects, properties and associations all at once.
  • Custom Object Builder: The most efficient data model is built around your company. With custom objects, your CRM is customized for your businesses needs and with the brand new Custom Object Builder, you can easily build custom object without any coding.
  • Projects GitHub Integration: Exciting news for all the HubSpot developers! With the brand new GitHub integration developers can now use GitHub as the source of record for the HubSpot Project's codebase. With the integration teams can easily work together using familiar GitHub tools and trigger project builds by pushing code to their repositories.

Marketing Hub

Marketers, meet your new best friends - fresh Marketing Hub features!

HubSpot's Marketing Hub has many exciting new features that will help marketers achieve their goals easier. As we heavily believe in customization, with these tools you can make sure you are working exactly the way you prefer and what suits your business the best.

  • Customer Journey Analytics: One definitely interesting tool for those using Marketing Hub is the new customer journey visualizer. It shows the journey all the way and helps marketers to spot those crucial points where some optimization is needed. Seeing the whole customer journey at a glance makes - at least us - jump for joy!
  • WhatsApp: Connect your WhatsApp business account as an additional messaging channel in the shared inbox and communicate easily with your customers and prospects. This launch supports both business initiated and contact initiated WhatsApp messages, and all conversations can be found on the contact record.

Sales & Service Hub

Managing your deals has never been this easy!

Good news for all the Sales Hub users! Forecasting and deal management will be much easier with HubSpot's new Sales Hub features such as Custom Goals tool and the comprehensive Deal Management feature. 

  • Custom Goals: Set goals unique to your business! HubSpot's new Custom Goals tool helps you set, track and manage business performance in a simple and fast manner. With the tool you can update your goals automatically and align them with all the stakeholders to drive better transparency and shared accountability.

  • Deal Management: This tool will divided into several different tools helping you in forecasting and deal management. Key to better sales process is easy deal management and that's why HubSpot is improving the entire deal management and forecasting functionality. The new features are a new goals app, team goals feature and better integrated forecasting and deal management experiences for reps.

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