HubSpot updates Summer 2022

HubSpot Jul 20, 2022

Summertime and we’re feeling fine! During the past weeks HubSpot has launched a lot of exciting new features which we have once again reviewed and will introduce to you in this blog post. Especially HubSpot CRM has improved a lot lately and there are updates, such as, the App Settings Builder which makes it easy for you to customize your App settings pages. In addition to that we are super thrilled for the new workflow action to delete contacts as well as for the cookie scanning feature. Well, are you ready to learn more about the updates? Let’s start!

Marketing & CMS Hub

Collaboration Tools: Commenting Upgrades

  • What is it about: HubSpot now offers comment threads for individual parts of assets. 
  • What are the benefits: A couple of months ago HubSpot launched the ability to comment on marketing assets but now you can even comment on specific parts of those assets. This update comes in handy when you want to, for example, start a comment thread for a specific form field within a form. Just select “Comment mode” to leave comments. The comment threads will be soon available for Marketing Emails, however, Forms, Campaigns and Workflows already have this functionality. The update is available for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users.

HS updates_summer22_Comments

Users and Teams Partitioning for Social Accounts

  • What is it about: Social accounts can now be assigned to teams and users.
  • What are the benefits: The content partitioning feature helps you partition marketing and sales assets but now you’re also able to partition the social accounts per team. Marketing teams often manage multiple social media accounts within HubSpot but not every team or every member should have access to publish or see data of every connected account. Previously a super admin could restrict accounts on a single user basis only. With this update you can choose whether to  give access to an entire team or a single user. The update is available for Marketing Hub Enterprise users.

Social Composer Full Page Exp (BETA)

  • What is it about: HubSpot now provides Marketing Hub users with a simpler way to create, edit or preview social posts.
  • What are the benefits: The improved UI of the social composer is here! Previously users have had difficulties discovering new and existing features within the social composer due to its layout. With the new layout updates it’s easier to create, edit and preview posts, see feature sets and learn how to leverage the tool the best way possible. The update is currently in BETA so you may have to reach out for your CAM or CC for access. The update will be available for Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise users.  

Sales & Service Hub

Audience Targeting Improvements for CSAT/NPS Surveys

  • What is it about: There are now expanded targeting options for NPS and CSAT web surveys within the Service Hub.
  • What are the benefits: Previously the control over audience and location of surveys was limited but with this update you can leverage the expanded targeting options for NPS and CSAT surveys. Audience and Settings tabs have been changed to “Targeting” with expanded features to better serve your customers and provide them with top customer experience and also to actually more detailedly decide who should be receiving the feedback surveys. The update is available for Service Hub Pro and Enterprise users.

HS updates_summer22_surveys1HS updates_summer22_surveys2

Operations Hub

Multi-select in data sync filters

  • What is it about: Access multi-select in data sync filters when choosing which data you want to be synced.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot previously only offered the operator “is equal to” which limited how you could leverage the single data sync filter and didn’t allow much flexibility when filtering on certain properties. With this update you now have the ability to multi-select if you select the operator “is equal to any of”. This comes in handy, when you want to, for example, sync over not only your customer data but also the data of your evangelists. The update is available for all HubSpot users.

Bulk Merge Duplicate Contacts and Companies (BETA)

  • What is it about: HubSpot now has the ability to bulk select and merge duplicate contact and company records from the duplicates management tool.  
  • What are the benefits: Avoid duplicate records by choosing which records you want to keep using the duplicates management tool. The update is currently in BETA so you may have to ask your CAM or CC for access. The update will be available for HubSpot users from Pro and up. 

HS updates_summer22_duplicate

CRM & Integrations

App Settings Builder

  • What is it about: Create customized settings pages for your apps to provide users with consistent user experience.
  • What are the benefits: App developers previously used external pages for app settings which often created a disjointed user experience. Now HubSpot provides the ability to create customized settings pages for your apps and in addition to that app developers can also add control components for admins to configure settings. There can be up to 6 feature cards added on the page to introduce features and help user setup. 

Create and Update Quotes with CRM API (BETA)

  • What is it about: Developers can now leverage HubSpot’s CRM API to create and update quotes in HubSpot.
  • What are the benefits: The update allows developers to create and publish quotes, update drafts and published quotes. In addition to that you can also associate a deal, contact and a company with a quote and create or associate any quote-level discounts, fees or taxes to a quote. The update is currently in BETA so you may have to reach out to your CAM or CC for access. You can read more about the update here.

Workflow Action to Delete Contacts (BETA)

  • What is it about: HubSpot now offers the ability to automate processes involving deletion of contacts. Now, for example, it’s possible to create a workflow to automatically delete inactive contacts after a certain period of time in compliance with GDPR. 
  • What are the benefits: To use this update, go to Automation in the main navigation and choose Workflows. Then, click “Create Workflow” in the top right corner. Contact-based workflow is selected by default. Under “How do you want this workflow to start” choose the best option for your use case and click “next”. Then, click “Set up triggers” and add criteria relevant to the use case and save. Finally, click the plus icon and search for “Delete contact”, click on it and save. The update is currently in BETA so you may have to reach out to your CAM or CC for access. The update will be available for HubSpot CRM Pro and Enterprise users.

Mandatory two-factor authentication for Enterprise accounts

  • What is it about: From June 28th users on Enterprise accounts have been prompted to set up and log in with two-factor authentication (2FA) when using their HubSpot password.
  • What are the benefits: For better information security the 2FA will be mandatory for all users on Enterprise accounts. The users who haven’t set up their 2FA by July 28th will be required to do so before they can log into their accounts. 

Custom Objects are now in the Navigation 

  • What is it about: HubSpot has now added custom objects to the global navigation. 
  • What are the benefits: To make it easier to find the data you need, you can now access custom objects from the global navigation. In addition to that, HubSpot now lets users set custom object index pages as their default homepage. The update is available for HubSpot CRM Enterprise users.

Hs updates_summer22_custom objects

Cookie Scanning (BETA)

  • What is it about: HubSpot’s new cookie scanner is here! With the HubSpot cookie scanner you can find and categorize all the cookies on your website.
  • What are the benefits: Use HubSpot’s cookie scanner to prevent cookies from dropping on your visitors browser’s before they accept the cookie banner. This new feature allows the HubSpot’s cookie banner to manage all external and third party cookies. The update is currently in BETA so you may have to reach out to our CAM or CC for access. 

cookie scanner_hs updates

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