HubSpot updates May 2021

May 27, 2021

It's time to check out HubSpot's product updates from the past month. The most significant changes will affect many of the system's users, as HubSpot provides more comprehensive tools for all Pro+ users through Service, Marketing & Sales Hub Professional. All Pro users now have the opportunity to take advantage of deal workflows as well as HubSpot's Products feature. In addition to these, HubSpot has released a BETA version of the sales feature that allows you to create deals directly from Gmail's email view. Find the most interesting product updates in the list below.


7 new SEO audits available

  • What is it about: Seven new features in HubSpot's SEO review tool.
  • What are the benefits: We hope you've taken advantage of the free SEO tool provided by HubSpot, which scans both sites hosted on the HubSpot publishing platform as well as your websites on other content management platforms to report potential SEO errors and issues. The updated tool now offers new audit categories related to performance, accessibility, and user experience.

7 new SEO audits available

Sales Hub

Create deals from Gmail (PUBLIC BETA)

  • What is it about: You can create new deals directly to HubSpot's deal pipeline from the email view of your Gmail.
  • What are the benefits: Fewer clicks, more efficiency. The Gmail deals feature in HubSpot's BETA phase makes it easier for sales to create new deals right in the HubSpot sales pipeline. The new feature reduces the transition between systems and streamlines the day-to-day work of sales.

Create HubSpot deals from Gmail

Other Updates

Deal workflows are now available to all Pro+ Hubs

  • What is it about: All Pro + level license users have access to the Deal Workflows.
  • What are the benefits: Happy news for all HubSpot-professional licensees! All Marketing, Sales & Service professional users can now create deal-based workflows; for example, you can move deals from one lead stage to another based on activities made by a contact automatically using a deal workflow.

Deal workflows are now available to all Pro+ Hubs

HubSpot brings products to all Pro+ HubS

  • What is it about: HubSpot's Products feature, i.e. standardized products, is now available to all Professional and Enterprise licensed customers.
  • What are the benefits: With HubSpot's products feature, you can create a set of predefined product and service cards into the system's product library. These product and service cards can be easily linked to deals, thus facilitating sales work and unifying pricing variations. The functionality was previously only available to Sales Hub Pro + Enterprise users but now it is available to all Pro + users through Hubs.

HubSpot brings products to all Pro+ HubS

Add line items to HubSpot deals

Salesforce one-way Custom Object sync (Enterprise)

  • What is it about: Import custom objects from Salesforce to HubSpot with updated Salesforce integration.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot + Salesforce users can take advantage of HubSpot's new Custom Objects more easily and import data into them from the corresponding Custom elements in Salesforce. The new feature, available to Enterprise customers, allows easily customized field mapping into the HubSpot interface.

Partitioning for workflows

  • What is it about: Give teams and users rights to view and edit the workflows you define.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot will provide more powerful ways to manage access and editing rights in the future. Indeed, many have already longed for the ability to control the visibility of individual workflow elements. Now it is finally possible; you can define for each workflow which user or team has the right to see and edit the automation.

Partitioning for workflows

Single record delete permissions

  • What is it about: A revamped way to manage the deletion of CRM data on a per-user basis.
  • What are the benefits: In the HubSpot Users & Teams panel, you can specify what rights users have in your HubSpot account. The admin has control over data, elements, and functionalities in their HubSpot account. CRM data is the most business-critical part of the system, so more control capabilities have now been created to manage it. Before you could choose whether a user has the right to mass-delete data in the system, in parallel with this, it is now possible to prevent even a single deletion of data from the database. The new feature gives you even more control over what information your users have the ability to delete on the system.

Single record delete permissions

HubSpot-built intergration for DocuSign

  • What is it about: Create, send and track DocuSign documents directly in HubSpot.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot now also integrates with the electronic signature platform DocuSign. You can trigger outgoing signature documents based on contact, company, and deal records. After linking your HubSpot account to DocuSign, you will find the document upload activity in the workflow's action tab. So in the future, you can create, send, and track the progress of the documents you submit in the signing process.

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