HubSpot updates December 2021

HubSpot Dec 22, 2021

The last HubSpot product updates blog post of 2021 is here! In this post we introduce you to the latest updates and HubSpot functionalities including HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise license, renewed sales quote editing properties and the automated report sending tool. We also provide you with information on Ops Hub custom code functionality and explain how to make the most of it.

Marketing & CMS Hub

A/B Test Emails sent through workflows (BETA)

  • What is it about: Use A/B-testing also for the emails sent through workflows. The system automatically divides the test for both A and B versions. Follow the performance of the both versions in the email analytics tool.
  • What are the benefits: The A/B testing for email sent through workflows has been a long awaited functionality. Finally also the email traffic can be optimized through version testing and so you can increase the efficiency of your content marketing! 
HS updates dec-ab testing

Manage Email Templates (BETA)

  • What is it about: Edit your saved email templates without having to save a new version as a new template.
  • What are the benefits: We assume you’re already using HubSpot’s email templates to make sure the emails are always aligned with your brand and to save your precious time, too. How the templates used to work was a bit complicated since every time you wanted to edit your template you’d have to create the new version as a new template. Now you can edit and manage the saved templates without having to create a new one every single time.

HS updates dec - manage email templates

Marketing Campaigns available on Marketing calendar

  • What is it about: Marketing Campaigns are now available on marketing calendar view.
  • What are the benefits: During the past months we have been actively writing about the HubSpot marketing calendar updates, the latest update being the marketing campaigns. You can include the campaigns in your calendar view by clicking ‘type’ on the search filters. This update makes the calendar view even more comprehensive and enables you  to see all the marketing activities at one glance. Note, that you can also filter the activities based on a specific campaign.

HS updates dec - campaigns


Sales & Service Hub

Customizable Quote Templates using the CMS (BETA)

  • What is it about: Sales Hub Pro+ users are now able to edit the sales quotes in an even easier manner. Standard quote templates can be designed and edited directly in the CMS editor and for more demanding editing needs you can utilize the CMS Design tools. 
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot’s quote tool is constantly developed offering more and more flexible functionalities for quote and contract templates. The quote editing functionalities, which are still in beta, provide you with user-friendly tools for light template editing that’s done directly in the editor. There are several different HubSpot templates available that can be easily edited by hiding or updating content and elements. For more demanding editing needs we recommend you to use the CMS Design tools.

HS updates dec - quote templates

Operations Hub

Operations Hub Enterprise

  • What is it about: Create better reports utilizing custom object data and integrate business essential data from Snowflake data warehouse directly into HubSpot.
  • What are the benefits: The new Operations Hub Enterprise provides you with even more efficient tools for business reportage and for understanding the bigger picture.

Easily Access More Data with Custom Code in Workflows

  • What is it about: The Custom code tool enables you to utilize third party data easily in the workflows without having to move the information throughout separate API invites. 
  • What are the benefits: Custom code automation action is a very effective tool for utilizing possible third party data in HubSpot workflows. For example, your company is running an excel file where they have listed all the information on the car models for sale. When a customer fills in the information on the car brand and model of their choice  in the form, HubSpot then automatically updates the contact information with detailed information on the wanted car with the custom code tool.

HS updates dec - custom code


CRM & Integrations

Latest source property (BETA)

  • What is it about: Latest source property provides you with information about how and from which source your latest contact landed on your site.
  • What are the benefits: Many users would like to gain a better understanding on how exactly a contact lands on their site. HubSpot has previously offered the original source property and the drill down fields that provided the deeper information, but these haven’t really offered enough information on the latest source and movements of the contact. This information comes in handy when the efficiency of different channels is estimated during tactic ad campaigns. Using the latest source property you'll be able to get information about the contact’s latest source despite if the contact details were identified by the system earlier.

Embed your HubSpot Contact Timeline in Microsoft Dynamics (BETA)

  • What is it about: You can now embed your HubSpot contact timeline in Microsoft Dynamics. 
  • What are the benefits: Understand the movements of your contact without having to jump between two systems. Microsoft Dynamic integration users can now view contact’s lead score, see the five latest activities on the contact timeline, filter activities based on activity type and enroll contacts directly into HubSpot workflows in Dynamics.

Send and schedule individual report emails (BETA)

  • What is it about: Send an individual report to the email address of your choice either as a non-recurring performance or as, for example, daily repetitive action.
  • What are the benefits: Stay on track of the most important indicators. You can schedule the report to be sended directly into your email, for example, every morning. Using this functionality you know the status even before signing in to HubSpot.  

HS updates dec - report email
Hs updates dec - email report2


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