HubSpot updates August 2021

HubSpot Aug 20, 2021

During the summer HubSpot published a great deal of updates that make the system even more comprehensive offering new functionalities, for example, for online store and content marketing experts. As the system is growing and customer’s processes are evolving, are the updates that support maintaining, updating and managing the big picture very welcome in HubSpot professional’s everyday life. In this blog post you will get to know the possibilities of the Marketing Events Object, the Product Module Support in marketing emails (heads up online store people!) and Customized CRM Records with conditional sections. Another huge update is the possibility to sync companies along with contacts and deals in Operations Hub.

Marketing & CMS Hub

Marketing Events Object

  • What is it about: View events as a part of the customer journey and as an individual form of content.
  • What are the benefits: Events, (offline events in particular) have been unreachable from the digital customer journey. Events are one of the most important forms of  B2B sector content and their effects in purchase decisions should not be ignored. HubSpot has created a new Marketing Events object, where you can add data from the most common webinar tools, such as GoToWebinar, Eventbrite and Zoom. The other event system can be linked to HubSpot as well utilizing the interface. The events related data will sync as individual events so that the usage, for example, for reportage is more efficient and accurate than ever before. Example: Verify the economic value of your events with revenue attribution reports. Marketing Evets Objects - HS Updates August21

Product Module Support in Marketing Emails

  • What is it about: Add product cards to email templates easily with the new product module.
  • What are the benefits: Recently published product module provides an even easier way to display products, for example, in a newsletter. HubSpot’s native products can be easily added to the module but the functionalities are meant to be developed further for outside sources product data (such as Shopify data).

Workflow Minimap

  • What is it about: There’s a new mini map function added to the workflow view, that makes it easier to understand the automation flow logic on the top level.
  • What are the benefits: As we know, automation process can be long and complex. Until this date users have been able to zoom in and out the automation flow view but now there’s also a new minimap window for support, that clarifies the whole picture and helps maintaining and managing the automation. The minimap can be found in the upper left corner of the automation window.

Workflow minimap

Attach Workflows from the form module in pages

  • What is it about: In the page editor you can attach contacts straight to follow-up automation that triggers whenever a form is filled on the page.
  • What are the benefits: Refreshed and even more steadily working workflow function in the page and form editor view makes it easier to manage automation. You can define already in the editor, in which automation you want your contacts to end up after they are done filling up a form on your page. After attaching the form to the automation in the page editor, it updates automatically to the triggers of the automation in question. Managing the automation isn’t always easy but with this new function you will have new tools for mastering the big picture.

Attach workflows from the form module

New forms comparison tool

  • What is it about: View the key figures of chosen forms easily with the new forms comparison tool.
  • What are the benefits: We often want to gain a deeper understanding of how a certain form performs compared to another one on a certain time frame. For example, parallel forms used in the A/B testing should be reviewed on the same time frame so that we know which form performs the best. The new form comparison tool provides additional information on the effectiveness of your chosen forms. Activate the forms for comparison in the Forms view and click the “compare forms” icon to open the new view.

New forms comparison tool Forms comparison tool 2-HS updates August 21

Drag and drop blog listing page

  • What is it about: Earlier the blog listing page was only editable in the code but now it also opens in the traditional editor view.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot has updated the blog listing page settings so that it is now possible to edit the page in the well known editor view as well. You’ll find the editing view by clicking “Settings” then “Blog” and finally “Templates”.

Sales Hub

CustomizeCRM Records with Conditional Sections

  • What is it about: You can now choose what information is shown in the contact card’s left column by utilizing the conditional sections.
  • What are the benefits: In the contact card view the left column is the one that many users see first. The showing sections can be edited in a user specific way or instead you can create conditions in the settings that define what sections on the card are always shown to all HubSpot users. The sections can and should be divided by theme. Now you can also create conditional sections that define which sections are shown in the left column.

Conditional sections

Operations Hub

New integrations in the Ops Hub 

  • What is it about: HubSpot’s Operations Hub has expanded its integrations selection.
  • What are the benefits: Now there's an even larger selection of ready integrations to HubSpot and other systems for you to use. Such as:
    • Odoo
    • Smartsheet
    • Freshworks CRM
    • Marketo
    • ConnectWise Manage
    • Business central
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Mailerlite
    • Phoneburner

Sync Companies in Operations Hub

  • What is it about: In addition to contact and lead information, you can now also sync company information in Ops Hub.
  • What are the benefits: It is our pleasure to tell you that Operations Hub now also supports the company information synchronization through ready integrations. This enables the integration of even larger systems and brings more comprehensive possibilities, for example, in reportage, automation and email campaigns.


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