Our favourite HubSpot updates from August 2020

Sep 22, 2020

August landed many interesting small updates relating to the HubSpot platform's usage, transparency, and clarity. Updates have taken place in the areas of Sales, Marketing, CMS and Service Hubs. The list was fairly comprehensive this month even though many of the updates were small enhancements to the service's usability. Like every month, we have listed the most exciting updates from the HubSpot platform worth checking.

Marketing Hub & CMS Hub

Commenting on workflow's action steps

    • What it is: You can leave comments on the workflow's action steps.
    • What are the benefits: Do you sometimes feel like you don't seem to remember what the original logic of your automation path was? You can now leave a comment or description text in the workflow action step's comment box. Now you and everyone else can quickly get on track with the automation logic.

Leave comments on the workflows.

Workflow export image

  • What it is: You can now export the workflow as an image.
  • What are the benefits: Tired of redrawing the workflow processes and automation chains for re-documentation? The August updates bring an excellent addition, as from now on, the workflow can be downloaded directly from the edit view as an image file on your device. This new function is especially handy for documenting processes or if you are building similar automation paths to other systems and just want to get an easy and straightforward way to model automation chains you have built in HubSpot.

Export the workflow as an image.

Multilanguage blog-tags

  • What it is: You can create language versions of your blog-tags under the primary language as a tag group. When you create language versions of your primary language blog post, the tags will be automatically added to the new post's right language.
  • What are the benefits: If you have added the different language versions of the tags to the primary language's tag group, they will automatically update in the new language version of the post. Please note that all tag translations must be done manually in the system, meaning that HubSpot will not generate them automatically. With this new small feature, there is again a little less room for unnecessary publication errors. #automationisourfriend

Embedded Workflows in Ad Campaign Creation

  • What it is: The contacts generated or influenced by your lead generation campaigns can be easily added to the dedicated automation workflows directly in the ads view.
  • What are the benefits: If you create your ad campaigns directly through HubSpot's Ads tool, you can link the contacts reached through the campaign directly to the actions you want. Through the new function, lead campaigns are now closely linked to the automation workflows. This new feature provides you more tools to target your message to the contacts based on their actions.

Embed workflows to your lead generation campaigns.

Default meeting module

  • What it is: The page editor now has a native module for the meetings block.
  • What are the benefits: A powerful and stylish way to embed a calendar view directly to your HubSpot landing page or your website. Drag & drop the meetings element now from the editor view to the desired location and specify whose calendar link appears in the calendar booking frame. It can't get any easier!

Meetings views now as a default module in page editor.

CMS Hub & Service Hub

SSO for memberships

  • What it is: SSO linking from a network environment to a customer-specific membership site that usually requires a separate login.
  • What are the benefits: Each additional login increases friction and frustration with your customers and breaks the smooth service path. The new SSO feature on the memberships page helps you identify users even as they switch between your online service and the customer-specific memberships online environment. Example: A customer is logged in to the cloud service and moves through the link to a customer-specific knowledge base environment without a separate login when moving from one service to another.


 Permanent delete in recycle bin

  • What it is: You can permanently delete contacts and their information without a 90-day return period.
  • What are the benefits: In the GDPR era, any contact in your databases can request the permanent deletion of their data. When deleting a contact, you can choose whether you want to delete the data so that it can be restored to the system for another 90 days, or if you wish to delete the contact's data at once permanently.

Permanent delete for contacts in HubSpot database.

View and Reassign Records when Deleting Users 

  • What it is: When deleting a user from the system, you can now review their tasks, companies, contacts, and deals and easily reassign them to another user.
  • What are the benefits: Having changes in the team is always a risk from the perspective of the customer base's ownerships and handling the undone tasks. The new feature automatically reminds the administrator to transfer tasks and accounts to another user when deleting a leaving user from the system. The new function speeds up and streamlines the handover process, and at the same time, you can ensure that things don't hang in the air!

View and reassign tasks, deals, companies and contacts to another user.

Daily digest emails

  • What it is: An automated email delivered to the user at 8:00 a.m. daily (depending on the recipient's time zone), including the day's scheduled tasks and the high priority tagged tasks.
  • What are the benefits: The new "daily digest" email will help you orient yourself to the coming day and remind you of expiring tasks as well as tasks raised to the highest in the priority list. Stay up to date and focused on all the most important tasks right from the beginning of your workday.

Sales Hub

User permission to modify the product library

  • What it is: User settings now allow you to specify whether the user has the right to alter the product library.
  • What are the benefits: Managing products and processes can quickly resemble the Wild West if the sales team members are free to add and modify product items in the system. You can now determine on a user-by-user basis if a person has the right to edit and add products in the product library.

New setting to edit and add new things in the product library.

Today view

  • What it is: A post-sign-in view that lets you see vital tasks for the day at once, such as scheduled tasks, appointments, and the latest activity in prospects in your online environment.
  • What are the benefits: Like daily digest email, a today view is an excellent tool for staying up to date and prioritizing tasks. The Today view also works neatly in the phone app!

Other updates

Export property definitions

  • What it is: You can upload custom and default properties created in your account into one file.
  • What are the benefits: To be honest, it is not easy to stay on top of the properties' list: usually they tend to accumulate over time to the database and get easily buried in the system. The new property export function helps you audit the system database and outline the overall picture. What a superb small new functionality (and one of our August favorites).

Export all properties in a file.

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