HubSpot sprints to the forefront of CRM systems opening new business possibilities for Finnish technology companies

News Aug 24, 2021

HubSpot, which started as a marketing automation system in 2006, is now the fastest  growing CRM platform in the world. Products and extensions built on top of the HubSpot system are estimated to reach the market value of 10 billion euros  within the next three years.

Currently the NYSE-listed HubSpot is the fastest growing CRM platform globally, and it is sprinting to the forefront of CRM systems with Salesforce and Microsoft. For Finnish software development this is a huge opportunity: Finland is already known globally for its HubSpot technology expertise. Finnish HubSpot partner consultancy Kaksio Labs invests in building technology and extensions on top of the HubSpot system.

Earlier HubSpot was mainly known as a marketing automation tool for middle-sized companies, but now it also meets the CRM needs of even larger companies. HubSpot is growing its own software and service ecosystem to be able to serve the whole customer base in a more comprehensive way regardless of their business sector or company size.

The Finnish Kaksio Labs is one of the fastest growing technical HubSpot partners in the world: “In addition to the traditional consulting business we aim to scale our business to software production. We create our own HubSpot integrations, extensions and industry specific solutions for energy business and SaaS companies, to name a few”, says the CEO of Kaksio Labs, Juha Leppänen.

Is HubSpot following in Salesforces footsteps?

What is the great opportunity of Finnish companies then based on exactly? For a long time HubSpot was a closed environment from the product development perspective but now there has been a change: platform interfaces have opened up for outside developers. Same kind of progression was seen in the history of Salesforce, for example, when the company built a brand new market for industry specific extensions and expansions.

From HubSpot’s perspective Finland has been a rather exceptional country: “In such a small country we have an exceptional number of HubSpot suppliers. There’s always been competition so upscale know-how and specialization have been required in order to be successful in the market. Today, there’s a lot of demand globally for the specialization that we have”, says Leppänen.  

“Only the products and extensions built on top of the HubSpot ecosystem are estimated to reach the market value of billions of euros. There’s a large number of companies built on top of Salesforce’s technology and the same kind of evolution is to be seen with HubSpot”, Leppänen says.

In the future Kaksio Labs specializes even more in certain, industry specific, HubSpot extensions and services.

Large companies require strong technical understanding in their deployments

When it comes to a large company’s CRM needs,  the deployments include integrations, migrations, technical customization and industry specific automation processes. 

“A good example of that are energy companies that often have a complex and industry specific system architecture. We want to be the best possible partner in technical HubSpot projects, deployments and technical development projects”, Leppänen says.


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Kaksio Labs is the Nordics leading technical HubSpot partner. We specialize in demanding system deployments, migrations, integrations and industry specific HubSpot extensions. We have specialized energy, SaaS, education and finance business sectors. Currently we operate in the Nordic countries, Europe and the US market.

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