HubSpot Updates January 2024

News HubSpot HubSpot Updates Jan 26, 2024

It’s time for another HubSpot product update listing by yours truly. We had a hard time curating the list of all the many many cool and useful updates, but here’s a collection of what we thought you should at least know about. Explore the latest buzz in HubSpot's toolkit, where efficiency meets innovation. From streamlined Instagram Reels publishing to AI-driven ad copy creation, we've got HubSpot has you covered. Discover how customer journey analytics now tracks calls, and peek into the world of mobile empowerment with quoting on the go. 

Marketing & CMS Hub

What’s new for social media?

  • What it's about: Good news for Marketing hub pro and enterprise users! These latest functionalities provide marketing teams with better means to connect with audiences, enhance engagement, and boost both profile traffic and brand awareness.

    • Instagram Reels: You can now publish on Instagram Reels all within the HubSpot Mobile App.
    • Instagram First Comment: With First Comment Support, you can schedule the first comment on your Instagram posts.
    • Instagram Location Tag: Every time you create Instagram posts you will be able to select one location in the social composer. Inputting a location tag will improve your post engagement and reach.
    • LinkedIn profile mentions: In this new Mobile version, marketers can mention LinkedIn personal pages.
  • What are the benefits: For example marketers can strategically mention connections and other members in their posts, fostering engagement and encouraging comments. This feature captures the mentioned members' attention and directs traffic from the post to their LinkedIn profiles, creating valuable networking opportunities.

Call Tracking Revolution: Customer Journey Analytics

  • What it's about: Customer Journey Analytics in HubSpot now includes the ability to track phone calls as Customer Journey touchpoints if you’re operating on an enterprise license.
  • What are the benefits: By tracking calls as touchpoints, marketers gain insights into the impact of phone interactions on the overall customer journey. Understanding the factors leading to calls and analyzing subsequent customer behaviors allows for optimized customer engagement and provides data-driven insights for impactful reporting. 

Revolutionizing Ad Copy Creation with  HubSpot's AI Content Assistant in Ads (BETA)

Kaksio_HS_updates_Content Assistant for Engagement, Website Visit, and Lead Generation Ads

  • What it's about: HubSpot users can now leverage the AI Content Assistant in Ads to generate ad copy from scratch through simple prompts designed for engagement, website visits, and lead-generation ads by opting into this new public Beta available for all tiers.
  • What are the benefits: HubSpot's new AI Content Assistant in Ads streamlines ad copy creation, providing users with intuitive prompts for engagement, website visits, and lead generation. This feature brings efficiency and personalized precision, empowering users to create more impactful and targeted advertising campaigns. Marketers can easily customize generated content, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their brand voice and objectives. 

Sales & Service Hub

AI-Driven Efficiency: Call Summaries by AI Assistant

  • What it's about: The AI Assistant in HubSpot introduces a time-saving feature - the ability for customers to generate concise summaries of their transcribed calls. Available for Pro and Enterprise users.

    What are the benefits: Customers can now easily gather context on their logged calls without the time-consuming task of manually reviewing lengthy transcripts. This feature significantly improves the efficiency of representatives by streamlining the process of call review and summarization.

Engagement & Target Account Info in Leads Table

Kaksio_HS_update_Adding Engagement & Target Account Info to the Leads Table

  • What it's about: Sales Hub Pro+ customers can now view the most recent lead engagement and target account information directly in the Leads table.
  • What are the benefits: This update brings crucial engagement data and target account information to the forefront, assisting customers in prioritizing leads effectively. This update is particularly beneficial for companies employing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, as this enhancement provides a comprehensive view for more informed decision-making.

Seamless Sequence Enrollment: Workflow-Driven Automation

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces a seamless workflow-driven update for Pro+ users, allowing customers to enroll contacts in a sequence on behalf of their contact owner.
  • What are the benefits: Customers now have the flexibility to dynamically choose the sequence sender by selecting any contact owner property when enrolling in a sequence via a workflow. This feature provides enhanced personalization and flexibility in communication strategies, catering to the diverse needs of users across different HubSpot plans.

Operations Hub 

AI Content Assistant in Workflows

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces the AI Content Assistant in workflows, now available for Send Email and Send Internal Email Notification actions. This feature allows users to generate, edit, or rewrite content seamlessly within workflow actions, enhancing the efficiency of email and notification creation. This feature is available to all Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: Users can leverage the AI Content Assistant to expedite the writing process, automating tedious tasks and providing more time for shaping creative and thoughtful content. This feature is available to all customers with Workflow plans, ensuring accessibility across the HubSpot user base.

Save and Reuse Workflows with Action Sets

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces Action Sets, enabling users to save and reuse groups of workflow actions. This feature, available for all Enterprise portals with workflows access, not only accelerates workflow creation but also provides a valuable resource for workflow admins to guide their teams.
  • What are the benefits: Action Sets streamline the workflow creation process, enhancing efficiency and consistency. Workflow admins can create guides for their teams, ensuring standardized workflows across the organization. Doing this used to be able only through cloning and hassle but now you can simply save and reuse action sets!

Customized Workflow Organization: Custom Properties for Workflows

Kaksio_HS_Updates_Custom Properties for Workflows

  • What it's about: Custom properties can now be created for Workflows, allowing for better management and organization within HubSpot's Smart CRM.
  • What are the benefits: Workflow Custom Properties, combined with Custom Views, provide teams with a multi-dimensional organizational system. Admins can define custom properties and set values, ensuring a structured and enforceable organization system when creating workflows.

Intelligent Reporting Made Simple: AI-Assisted Report Generation

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces the ability to use AI to create reports with just a simple prompt, simplifying the report-building process.
  • What are the benefits: AI-assisted reports streamline the challenging and often time-consuming task of report creation. Users can save time and uncover new insights by utilizing AI to assist in building reports that answer critical business questions for you. You can even discover how to analyze your data in ways you never imagined possible!


Brand Consistency Amplified: Company Color Palettes in Report Builder

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces the capability to use brand colors set in Branding in the Single Object and Custom Report Builders to Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: This feature ensures brand consistency in HubSpot reports by incorporating company color palettes into the Reporting color options. Users can align their reports with brand aesthetics, providing a cohesive and visually appealing representation. The devil is in the details and it’s nice to look at reports in your brand colors no?

Flexible Funnel Reporting with Improved  Funnel Report Builder (BETA) 

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces a new Custom Funnel Report Builder that supports optional stages and company lifecycle stages. The update is in public beta currently so go try it out now!
  • What are the benefits: Users can now mark stages as "optional" when creating a custom funnel report, allowing entities to skip certain stages and still be included in the final numbers. Additionally, this update extends custom funnel reports to support company lifecycle stages, providing greater flexibility in reporting for account-based marketing.

Mobile Empowerment: View, Delete, Share, and Recall Quotes on Mobile

Kaksio_HS_updates_View, Delete, Share and Recall Quotes on Mobile

  • What it's about: Customers on mobile (iOS and Android) can now view, delete, share, and recall quotes directly from the HubSpot Mobile apps, accessible from the Deal record. This update is available for all HubSpot users in public Beta testing.
  • What are the benefits: This update brings essential quoting capabilities to mobile users, ensuring seamless access and management of quotes on the go. Now you don’t have to wait to get back on your desktop to make small changes to quotes but can do them on the go, making sales happen faster!

Summarize a Record in HubSpot

  • What it's about: Users can now access CRM record summaries for companies, contacts, deals, and tickets directly from their record pages in HubSpot. Summaries are powered by ChatSpot AI and include key properties and associated notes, emails, calls, meetings, and tasks. The update is live for all HubSpot users to enjoy.
  • What are the benefits: Users can quickly access rich summaries of records, saving time and enhancing efficiency by eliminating the need to scroll and search for key information.

Bulk Data Import Efficiency: Add Additional Emails and Domains

  • What it's about: All HubSpot users can now include columns in their import files for "additional domains" or "additional email addresses," allowing them to add multiple secondary emails or domains per record in bulk imports.
  • What are the benefits: This update enhances data import efficiency, enabling users to quickly incorporate additional email addresses and domains into HubSpot. What used to be a tedious task done one by one is now easy and simple in bulk!

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