HubSpot Updates February 2024

News HubSpot HubSpot Updates Feb 27, 2024

The biggest changes we want to mention from February’s update list are the elephants in the room which are the newly introduced Commerce Hub and seat-based pricing model. Let’s take a closer look at what those mean. 

Commerce Hub

HubSpot's new way to sell online

Commerce Hub is an integrated solution within HubSpot CRM designed for small and medium B2B businesses. It optimizes the opportunity-to-revenue process, facilitating faster payments, increased revenue, and time savings. Key highlights include:

Commerce Hub serves as an add-on to your current HubSpot configuration, enriching CRM functionalities seamlessly without distinct tiers. For now, it facilitates Stripe Payments within EMEA, with additional payment options anticipated in the future. Operating on a pay-as-you-go basis, Commerce Hub's pricing model may necessitate subscriptions to other HubSpot products for advanced features. 

The new Hub simplifies billing, invoicing, and payment processes within HubSpot CRM, eliminating the need for multiple tools. Users can effortlessly create invoices, manage subscriptions, generate agreements, and collect payments—all in one centralized platform. With automation features and seamless integration with the Stripe payment processor, Commerce Hub enhances efficiency in managing e-commerce operations.

Seat-based pricing model

HubSpot is revolutionizing its pricing structure to enhance accessibility and value for all subscription tiers, integrating AI capabilities directly into the Smart CRM and across all Hubs. 

Effective March 5, 2024, the introduction of a seats-based pricing model will provide greater flexibility and control over portal access. Core Seats will offer full edit access, AI feature inclusion, and connectivity to the Smart CRM, while View-Only Seats will grant visibility without editing capabilities. This new approach allows businesses to start for free and seamlessly scale with their needs, empowering teams to collaborate effectively and drive growth. 

By unifying data with an AI-powered Smart CRM and embedding AI across engagement Hubs, HubSpot enables faster workflows and deeper customer insights, ultimately helping businesses thrive in today's dynamic market landscape. Existing customers will receive detailed migration timelines and advance notice of any changes to renewal costs, ensuring a smooth transition to the new pricing model. There will be no immediate impact to current customers.  You can read more about the new pricing model from HubSpot’s site.

Marketing Hub and CMS Hub

Enable Double Opt-In for Forms

  • What it's about: Before, it was only possible to enable/disable double opt-in for select pages created in HubSpot. Now, you may choose to enable/disable double opt-in for select pages AND select forms of your preference.

    What are the benefits: The double opt-in approach minimizes spam risks and enhances user engagement for example when subscribing to a newsletter.

Associate Ad Accounts to Business Units

  • What it's about: HubSpot users can now associate their ad accounts with a Business Unit and filter ad assets (including campaigns, audiences, events, lead syncing, etc.) by Business Unit.
  • What are the benefits:  If your company operates with multiple brands and ad accounts, can now associate and filter your ad accounts by Business Unit which will enable you to better organize your ad assets per brand. 

Associated deal value: A new metric rolling out for Marketers

  • What it's about: This new feature is giving Marketing Pro customers additional insights into the impact of their campaigns on revenue. HubSpot introduces 'Associated deal value' a new metric that sums the total deal value of all the closed-won deals associated with a campaign.
  • What are the benefits: Marketers can get more accurate data and context around the total amount of revenue that is associated with your campaigns. This is a way to showcase the significance of a single campaign to a season's sales.

New LinkedIn-supported publishing features

  • What it's about: HubSpot rolled out the ability to publish and report pdf-documents and polls!
  • What are the benefits: Sharing documents and polls are a great way to engage your audience on LinkedIn, and now that job is made easier with HubSpot social enabling a quick and easy way to publish them from the same social media tool we all use and love.

Form submissions & additional site domains from HubSpot

  • What it's about: Starting May 16th, HubSpot will begin checking that forms are being hosted on an authorized web domain. This means that form submissions coming from forms hosted outside of the website might be considered spam submissions.

    Fortunately, it’s easy to prepare for the upcoming change. To add your other domains to the list of allowed domains, you just need to do the following:
    Go to Settings > Account Setup > Tracking and Analytics > Tracking Code > Advanced Tracking > Additional Site Domains. In this menu, you are able to add your other domains where you’ll host your forms.
  • What are the benefits: This change is made to make HubSpot forms more secure and less vulnerable to spam

Audio Module in Pages & Blog

  • What it's about: HubSpot enables you to add an audio module to your website, landing pages, or blog post content and upload any audio file. This update is available to all HubSpot tiers.
  • What are the benefits: As audio continues grow as a content medium for articles and blogs, adding an audio module to your website, landing pages, or blog post content allows you to stay on top of the trend and make you site more inclusive while at it.

Sales Hub and Service Hub

Deal Pipeline Rules

  • What it's about:  HubSpot introduces a set of rules for deal pipelines, allowing users to better manage controls of their pipelines and protect the integrity of their data.
    The new pipeline rules include:
  • Limit the creation of new deals to a single deal stage.
  • Restrict skipping stages.
  • Restrict backward movement.
  • What are the benefits: These new rules offer enhanced flexibility and control over deal pipeline management. By limiting the creation of new deals to a single stage, users can ensure consistency and prevent data fragmentation. Restricting skipping stages and backward movement helps maintain a structured and sequential flow within the pipeline, improving data accuracy and streamlining sales processes

Mobile Sales Email Enhancements

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduces a new Custom Funnel Report Builder that supports optional stages and company lifecycle stages. The update is in public beta currently so go try it out now!
  • What are the benefits: Mobile sales representatives can now compose, reply, and forward emails directly from any CRM record using the HubSpot mobile app on iOS and Android. This enhancement ensures seamless communication with prospects and clients, enhancing productivity on the go.

Move inbox channels and conversations to Help Desk

  • What it's about: Pro+ admins are now able to move an existing email or form channel from the inbox to the help desk. They can also choose to move historical conversations and associated tickets to the help desk when moving the channel.
  • What are the benefits: By enabling the migration of historical conversations and associated tickets, administrators can ensure continuity of customer interactions while maintaining a clutter-free inbox environment.

Control Form to URL Routing

  • What it's about: HubSpot introduced a new feature allowing users to customize the post-form submission experience. Users can now redirect visitors to specific destinations such as meeting scheduling pages, HubSpot pages, or external URLs.
  • What are the benefits: This customization extends to various form fields, enabling personalized experiences for visitors based on criteria like region, company size, or revenue. You can for example pre-qualify leads with a form to either buy straight from your website or request a quote based on the form answers.

Operation Hub

Proactive Alerts for New Duplicates

  • What it's about: Operations Hub Pro+ users now have  a new feature enabling users to proactively monitor and receive notifications about new duplicates. This enhancement includes an extension to data monitoring within the data quality command center. Users now have the flexibility to subscribe themselves and others to notifications triggered by these duplicate alerts.
  • What are the benefits: Users can tailor notification settings and daily alerts and swiftly identify and resolve duplicate issues, ensuring data accuracy and streamlined workflows.

CRM Platform

Personalize default deal names

  • What it's about:  All HubSpot users can personalize default deal names for deals created from existing contact and company records. This feature enables users to configure default deal names using personalized tokens and static text.
  • What are the benefits: Say goodbye to confusing default deal naming in HubSpot and say hello to naming the deal just as your organization sees fit best!

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