HubSpot updates April 2024

News Quick tips HubSpot Updates Apr 19, 2024

April's latest HubSpot updates bring a host of new features and improvements to the world of marketing, sales and customer service. Most notably, the new Content Hub opens the door for marketers to even more effective content management. 

Looking (again) at this month's update list, it's easy to see that HubSpot is currently investing heavily in developing and integrating AI-powered tools into a seamless user experience on the platform.

New Content Hub

CMS Hub is now refreshed with more functionality. There will be new features released during the following month and later on in Q3.  Marketing+ bundle. Moving landing pages and blog out of Marketing Hub creates clear differentiation. 

Essentially, Content Hub is the CMS Hub rebranded with added functionalities. But what does this mean for marketers, and how can they leverage these new features to enhance their strategies? We have a more in-depth article that explores HubSpot's new Content Hub, examining its features, benefits, and the aspects that change compared to CMS Hub. You can read more about Content Hub here.

Marketing Hub & CMS Hub

Customize the preference page per business unit 

  • What it’s about: Now, customers have the ability to personalize their preference pages for each business Unit using the Design Manager interface. You can craft new templates or adjust existing ones using Design Manager for your preference pages and allocate them to individual Business Units. 
  • What are the benefits: Now you're able to create subscription pages as system templates rather than individual templates, you can then you can customize each of the subscription pages with your desired logos desired and footers for each business unit’s design. Available in BETA for pro+ users.

Social monitoring AI-powered quick replies

HubSpot social monitoring AI replies

  • What it’s about: When someone mentions you, can respond quickly with just one click. HubSpot is able to analyze the context of the conversation and adjust the answer accordingly. Available for public BETA for Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: We all know how difficult it can be when you get mentions on your social media streams. Sometimes it's difficult to think of a creative answer to give, and then that makes it a bit time-wasting when you're trying to find replies for everything. But now, with HubSpot’s  AI-powered social stream, you are able to set up AI prompts to actually respond to any mentions that you have! This saves plenty of time.

AI assistan for engagement, website visit and lead generation ads

  • What it’s about:  HubSpot users can now use AI Assistant in Ads to generate ad copy from scratch using simple prompts for engagement, website visit, and lead generation ads.
  • What are the benefits: This is update is yet another timesaver and a great extra resource for your content team. You can create engaging ad content with very easy prompts, just like using the AI assistant for creating blog posts. Available for all HubSpot users.

Opt-out a contact from all communications per business unit from contact record

Opt out a user from email

Opt out a user business unit

  • What it’s about: Before, selecting "opt out of all" in the contact record only affected the account business unit. Now, portal users have the ability to opt out a contact from any business unit. 
  • What are the benefits: Greater control over the opt-out feature streamlines operations, offering convenience. In the past, some individuals relied on workflows to manage this, but now, unsubscribing is as simple as clicking a button. This feature is available for all Enterprise users.

AI assistan for Facebook ad sequences

  • What it’s about: HubSpot users can employ the AI Assistant in Ads to create ad copy from scratch for Facebook ad sequences by providing straightforward prompts.
  • What are the benefits: You can generate up to six prompts for your ad copy, allowing for extensive customization beyond branding and enhancing efficiency for your team. 

Adding ‘’external website pages’’ to your campaigns

  • What it’s about: Now, you have the option to include your initial 'external' asset type within a Campaign: external website pages. These pages refer to any site not hosted on HubSpot. This enhancement enables you to elevate your campaigns by incorporating both HubSpot and non-HubSpot assets.
  • What are the benefits: This capability addresses the need to integrate pages not hosted in HubSpot like loyalty program pages or pages from influencers supporting campaigns on external sites. With this feature, you can track the impact of external influencers on your campaigns. By adding their pages, you can report on typical campaign metrics such as website visits, clicks, and conversion rates, as well as assess their contribution to attribution.

Sales Hub & Service Hub

New suggested activity: Re-engaged contacts

  • What it’s about: Within the prospecting workspace, sales representatives now have access to a roster of contacts who have re-engaged following disqualification. This feature is in public BETA for Pro+ users.
  • What are the benefits: What's new now is that whenever previously disqualified contacts or leads re-engage with your content, regardless of the reason for disqualification, you'll be notified. This includes activities like filling out a form, viewing a webpage, engaging with your chat, or any other interaction beyond sequences, LinkedIn messages, and tasks. In your suggested activities, you'll see these re-engaged disqualified leads listed based on their engagements in the last 30 days. From there, you can reintegrate them into the lead process and restart the engagement cycle, making attempts to reconnect with them.

Enhancements: Control editing access for specific deal stages

  • What it’s about: Super admins now have the ability to grant editing privileges for deals in a "locked" stage to specific users and teams. Previously, only super admins could edit deals in such stages once editing access was restricted. Now, super admins can extend this permission to other users and teams.
  • What are the benefits: In the pipeline settings, you'll notice a new button for controlling deal editing access. When you click "edit," you can specify which stages should not be editable or designate which individuals have access to edit specific stages. For instance, if you want to prevent closed deals from being edited by sales reps, you can set it so that only the sales team manager or the onboarding team can make post-closure edits. This ensures data accuracy and prevents unauthorized changes after a deal is finalized.

Custom feedback surveys on web

  • What it’s about: You have the option to gather feedback from visitors to specific pages or based on query parameters. Web surveys can be activated under different conditions, including:

    - When visitors have spent a particular amount of time on your page.
    - When visitors scroll past a certain percentage of the page.
    - When visitors seem to be exiting your website.
    - When visitors have been inactive on your page for a specified duration.

    You can also customize how frequently the survey appears.
  • What are the benefits: Having this feature embedded on your own website or your customers' websites can significantly enhance the volume of feedback received. Additionally, it continually aids in optimizing the content and functionality of your pages. Available for Pro+ users.

Dependent fields in custom surveys

  • What it’s about: "Dependent Fields" enables the creation of personalized and dynamic surveys. It tailors questions based on respondents' previous answers, enhancing engagement and offering deeper insights during feedback collection.
  • What are the benefits: You now have the capability to establish dependent fields. This means that, for instance, if someone responds to a particular question, you can prompt a follow-up question based on that response. Essentially, this feature introduces "if, then" logic into your surveys. Julkisessa BETA-versiossa Pro+ -käyttäjille.

Deal Stage Calculated Properties

  • What it’s about: Professional or Enterprise clients will gain access to four (4) fresh deal properties defined by HubSpot. These properties allow tracking the advancement of a deal as it progresses through a sales pipeline:

    Date entered {stage id}
    Date exited {stage id}
    Latest time in {stage id}
    Cumulative time in {stage id}
  • What are the benefits: Having access to these properties enables effortless identification of bottlenecks in your sales process. For instance, you can evaluate the speed of your deal pipeline by examining the average "latest time" and "cumulative time" for each stage of the deal. 

Operation Hub

HubSpot AI Location Formatting Suggestions for Contacts

HubSpot AI Location Formatting Suggestions for Contacts

  • What it’s about: HubSpot AI scans for contacts with incomplete or inaccurate location data such as Country or ZIP/postal Code and offers recommendations for cleaning up this information. Available for Starter+ users.
  • What are the benefits: Manual form submissions can vary widely in format, often leading to incorrect data entry. This includes abbreviations, spelling errors, and inconsistencies in location details such as country, state, region, ZIP/postal code, and time zones. These discrepancies can complicate tasks like filtering by specific criteria, generating reports, or triggering submissions based on location. However, with the suggestions provided by our AI tool, you can seamlessly address these issues. After a submission, you'll receive prompts to review suggested corrections, ensuring more accurate data over time within your system.

Commerce Hub

Stripe Payment Processing: Local Payment Method Support: SEPA

  • What it’s about: A SEPA – or Single Euro Payments Area – bank transfer lets customers send and receive cross-border payments in euros.
  • What are the benefits: Previously, international customers using Stripe could only process payments via credit cards. However, with this update, clients in the Eurozone can now utilize local bank transfers through SEPA, alongside Euro credit cards. By using SEPA, customers can effectively lower their processing costs, as credit card transactions typically incur higher fees.


Setting to automatically turn off a workflow

  • What it’s about: Workflows now have a setting that allows you to set a date for when your workflow to turn off automatically, bringing more control and peace of mind to your automated processes. All Pro+ users get to enjoy this feature.
  • What are the benefits: Workflows are designed to automate tasks, yet users often resort to setting reminders to deactivate them manually in the future, particularly for time-bound activities like promotions. Automatically disabling workflows when they're no longer necessary eliminates the need for manual intervention and monitoring, preventing unnecessary updates or communications.

New analytics tab for user activity

  • What it’s about: Audit log page now offerst a new analytics tab for contextual, higher level insights on user activity.
  • What are the benefits: You can now track users' activities over time. This offers a more detailed breakdown, which you can export and share as needed. It reveals which tools users are utilizing and identifies any areas they may not be engaging with. This update is in public beta for Enterprise users.

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