HubHacks: Managing duplicate data

Kaksio Labs
Jan 10, 2020

Duplicates can occur in both Contact and Company data. Both are equally problematic when your team writes notes and fills out information in separate places without realizing that there is a duplicate that someone else is managing. 

Duplicate data slows down your efficiency when you find yourself in the situation where you have to manually remove contact and company information. It must be one of the most annoying tasks that marketing and sales meet in their daily operations, e.g. when creating lists for events or contacts to reach out to.

Duplicates can also endanger your customer experience. It is bad customer experience being sent the same marketing email more than once or receiving calls from different salespeople with the same offer. Competition is tougher than ever, so make sure you treat your customers and prospects right!  

One of the best features with HubSpot is that your team has full transparency into what goes on within the company. Thanks to that, situations like the ones mentioned above can be avoided if you take care of the quality of your data. HubSpot has an easy solution to this problem for HubSpot Enterprise and Professional users. You have access to a feature that identifies duplicate contacts and companies for you.

To find this feature navigate to Contacts > Contacts or Companies > Actions > Manage duplicates. Managing duplicate data is available for HubSpot Enterprise and Professional users.



Click review to see more info. If you want to merge the contact or company information, simply click merge. If you can see that the contact or companies are in fact separate contacts or companies, click dismiss. Machine learning behind the feature will start picking up your choices and the suggestions will get smarter over time.

HubHacks is our series on how you can make the most out of your HubSpot account. In this series we focus on the core functions in your HubSpot account. If you are interested in how you can utilize the sales automation functions, make sure you check out the Quick Tips -blog series.

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