CRM system deployment project - with or without a partner?

CRM Nov 29, 2021

CRM system deployment projects can be executed in several different ways - there are no right answers when choosing the project model but the preferences depend on the company’s needs and resources. The biggest question before kicking off the project may be what CRM platform to choose. After choosing the CRM system one of the most important questions is whether to run the project together with an outsourced partner or not. As a system HubSpot is intuitive and easy to use. HubSpot deployment is possible to execute by following the guidelines and instructions given by HubSpot but from the deployment process point of view it’s essential to understand that the added value a partner can provide you with is the deep understanding of the system, and the system configuration based on the needs of your company. 

Some may choose a partner to run the deployment project with, others may deploy the system independently utilizing the HubSpot instruction materials. But which one is the better way?

As mentioned, HubSpot's own approach is very system oriented and provides support for possible technical challenges for example during the HubSpot tools implementation. In case there is already a deep understanding of the HubSpot system in your organization and the sales processes are functional, this kind of support can be enough. But if your organization needs support in defining sales processes and is lacking the deep understanding in customizing the HubSpot features, it’s important to choose a capable partner to the project. Partner helps you  make the most of the system and designs the product to meet your organization’s needs and goals.

There are different types of partners - choose your best fit

HubSpot has built a strong global partner network that aims to support customers in efficient technology use. Certified HubSpot partner agencies are divided into different partner stages by, for example, how strongly the agency has focused its business in HubSpot services and with what volume. Diamond and Elite partners are mostly dedicated to HubSpot services and have gained strong expertise in the system. You can learn more about the different partners and partner stages on HubSpot Partner Portal and also read the customer reviews.

What kind of knowledge your partner should have: marketing, sales, customer service processes or technical development - or all of them?

As HubSpot has expanded from a marketing automation system into a comprehensive CRM platform also the partner network has developed thus most of the partners are still strongly content and growth marketing focused. When choosing a CRM project partner it’s essential to find out what kind of sales and business growth expertise the agency is offering. Often the bigger CRM deployment projects also include other business essential data source integrations to HubSpot and at least a data migration from the old system to the new one. That being said, it's not indifferent who you choose to partner up with. 

Added value of CRM system deployment project with service and process design methods 

The importance of business and process design is highlighted when the aim is to make the most of the system. At Kaksio Labs we utilize the service design methods that we have found functional. So, a CRM system deployment project with us is much more than just the deployment itself. As a whole the project can include five to six different phases during which we map the organization’s starting point and needs, run the data migration, define sales, marketing or customer service processes, implement the HubSpot tools and organize a training for the key users of the CRM platform. The more background work is being done before the actual kickoff of the project and during the project, the better the system is to meet the needs of the organization. However, it’s good to remember that the system alone is not a key to happiness but also the organization’s processes must be functional - and with the process design a partner can be a big help.

A partner helps you get going and supports in the system deployment follow-up 

After the actual CRM system deployment it’s important to make sure that the system is working as it should and meets the needs of the organization. A partner can be supporting the deployment follow-up by fixing possible problems and answering questions. That’s how the platform users of your organization also get to learn more and the usage doesn’t end because of a small hick-up.

Is there a CRM system deployment waiting around the corner?

Kaksio Labs is the Nordics leading technical HubSpot partner. We specialize in demanding system deployments where a deep business understanding of marketing, sales and customership processes is needed. Our experts come from a diverse range of industries and have been gaining experience in in-house roles which is why we know how to support our customers and also take the business needs into account. Contact us here and tell us how we could help you utilize the HubSpot technology. You can also download our free guide on CRM system deployments from the link below.

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