Kaks.io Labs ranked first in customer satisfaction

Kaks.io Labs ranked first in customer satisfaction

Here's a stream of good news: Kaks.io Labs is ranked no.1 partner in customer satisfaction in the EMEA area. We reached Diamond Partner status, signed global partners and have new team members on board!

Kaks.io Labs   By  Kaks.io Labs  Dec 13, 2019
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Kaks.io Labs received Diamond Partner status in November, which is the highest tier within HubSpot’s ecosystem. So currently, Kaks.io holds the 1st place in the EMEA in Customer First category*! We have expanded our global operation, signed new partners and welcomed new team members. In other words, it’s been quite a busy autumn for Kaks.io!

Janne Haonperä has been appointed as Customer Success Director to ensure that our customers are happy. He will also support our ongoing growth strategy. Janne has a strong background in digital marketing and sales. He has an extensive CMO background and brings great insight on how to combine growth marketing with the HubSpot platform for our customers. “It’s a true privilege to join this talented team and help our committed customers grow better with HubSpot”, says Janne.

“Applications and services built on HubSpot’s ecosystem are growing into an internationally significant business. The evolution of HubSpot’s application shows a similar trend to, for example, the SalesForce AppExchange marketplace - an evolvement to a multi-billion-dollar business. We are investing heavily in HubSpot’s platform by building applications, integrations and industry verticals. We have started our first projects including Finance and Education verticals, which are looking extremely promising”, states Juha Leppänen, CEO of Kaks.io Labs. 

We have strategically selected global channel partners and technical companies, in order to have local reach in multiple markets. INTO Consultancy (Mexico), Nard (Norway) and Netprofile (Finland) have partnered with us during the autumn. In 2020 we’ll be investing in US and Western European markets. "It’s great to see our hard work pay off and experience how HubSpot’s global ecosystem works together to help customers grow better" says Aleksi Lehtola, Kaks.io Labs’ Head of Operations. 


Niklas Vaittinen, Managing Director at INTO Consultancy and Kaks.io Labs' Aleksi Lehtola.


We’re growing rapidly and are on the look-out for skilled developers and HubSpot consultants. 

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Interested in partnering with us? Please ask for more information:

Aleksi Lehtola, Head of Operations
+358 50 561 6445

Juha Leppänen, CEO
+358 40 172 2224


* HubSpot Performance Based Impact Awards Leaderboard (13.12.2019).

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