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Bind sales and production together through integration

The balance between production and sales is delicate, especially in expert organizations. Allocating the necessary resources to customers and projects advancing in the sales pipeline is often difficult, almost impossible, if sales and production work in completely separate systems. By integrating sales and marketing data stored in HubSpot into Severa’s ERP system and production resources, your teams are always up to date.

HubSpot-Severa integration reduces unnecessary manual work between sales and production, provides insight into production planning and thus simplifies the daily life of the salesperson and the individual project manager. Integration also improves sales and marketing's understanding of which types of customer relationships and projects are most profitable. This is possible when all information related to customers, leads and projects is updated in HubSpot through integration.

How does the integration work?


HubSpot-Severa integration consists of two key elements:

  1. Synchronizing projects from HubSpot to Severa: Up-to-date monitoring of the sales pipeline and anticipation of resource needs before customers move from sales to production.
  2. Synchronization of closed projects from Severa to HubSpot: transfer of total invoicing and margin to HubSpot.

What information is managed in different systems:
HubSpot brings together the most important tools for marketing, sales, customer relationship management and customer service. Severa covers the whole of project management from resourcing to hourly accounting and invoicing.

Example implementation

We implemented HubSpot-Severa integration for a customer based on the process below. The main goal was to transfer information between the systems about future projects that are in the sales pipeline, as well as about the won cases, for which the resource reservations will be realized. At the end of the project, the integration automatically passes on information about the key indicators of the project to sales and marketing, such as accumulated hours, margin and total invoicing. The linking of the integrated data fields is always done according to the customer's needs.



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