ChurnAI helps energy companies make predictions on churn and take preemptive action in order to minimize revenue loss. Install the free tool in HubSpot App Marketplace!


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Churn is the most significant pain point for energy retailers. But wait, we can help you!

ChurnAI’s tailored algorithm reports on customers who are most
likely to churn, and offers concrete actions on how to retain
them. This tool is built as an extension on top of HubSpot, and can
be combined with several customer retention and win-back tools
and automated processes.


ChurnAI’s default and custom churn fields are tailored for Energy and Utilities companies. The probability calculation is processed based on predefined demographic factors, behavioral factors
and customer actions. The tool can be configured by anyone and can be set up in minutes.


...and ready to use!

When ChurnAI detects a high likelihood of churn for a customer, the tool makes case specific suggestions on how the risk of churn can be minimized. In addition to adding manual tasks, these suggestions include ready made win-back workflows and client communication.


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