HubSpot Integrations

Working with selected partners and creating custom integrations

Selected Partners


We are working with the best partners for your needs. Here are some of the great services you can integrate fully to HubSpot. Ask us about the options for your special needs.



Software for remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement.



Human-directed AI to instant messaging on live chat platforms. ChatBots and live chats which can be used on all HubSpot sites.



Call bot automating a great part of your sales calls. Enhances your lead validation, marketing and customer service.


Dear Lucy

Intelligent real-time dashboards designed for business management. Gather data from multiple sources to coherent and holistic view.



Online meeting and video conferencing tool that enables businesses to collaborate with customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time.

Integration Services

Our HubSpot integrations aim to provide our client with the best and most flexible ways to connect their 3rd party applications to HubSpot platform. We have significant experience in demanding integrations throughout the platform.

Partnership & Channels

We integrate chosen partners to HubSpot and offer them marketplace consultation and a channel to HubSpot ecosystem. We help you in your path to become a HubSpot Connect partner. 

Flexibility & Variety

We work on a wide range of integrations, including simple & light to complex and native integrations. We help with your API and provide a service to maintain your integrations. You don't have to worry about your integrations anymore.

Extended team

We provide a technical extended team for HubSpot clients and agencies. We ensure you have technical resources to provide advanced technical service to tech and SaaS companies.




Seeing cases holistically & improving performance

When ready-made integrations or formalized APIs are available, we prefer to use them. We've set up Salesforce, Musqot, Visma InSchool, FullContact, multiple email services, calendars etc. on HubSpot and created workflows to support the tasks at hand. These have streamlined the work process of our customers and increased their customer satisfaction.

Naturally we also have extensive experience in integrating our partners' services with HubSpot.


Tailored integrations by Lab

When integrations involve more complicated business logic or ready-made connectors are not available, we have built tailored integrations for specific needs. These include:

Integrating HR software with HubSpot

Integrating nationwide education database with HubSpot

Integrating payment systems with HubSpot

Integrating screenreader on HubSpot