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Marketing and sales templates to support lead definition

Download free templates for defining leads, buyer personas and lead scoring

We have put together a comprehensive package of templates to support the marketing and sales definition work in HubSpot. This is a package our own experts use to structure our customers' lead processes. The templates provide support for setting common goals, defining concepts and building a clear insight for both marketing and sales teams.

You will find tools for working with the following:

  • Buyer personas:
    Structuring key customer profiles and mapping needs. Recording internal service levels according to persona.
  • Sitemap by buyer persona:
    Product / service targeting and content production plan.
  • Lead definition:
    Lead matrix and measures to be taken for sales and marketing teams.
  • Lead nurturing:
    What content is offered at different points on the buying path.
  • Lead scoring:
    Mapping attributes and defining a score model

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