HubSpot CRM Deployment for Education sector

HubSpot CRM Deployment for Education Sector

HubSpot for educational institutions with the help of Kaksio Labs team

The technological revolution of the education sector

The education sector is undergoing a major transformation, and demands on educational institutions are constantly growing. The competition among actors and expectations to meet the ever-changing needs of professional life are increasing. The role of technology as a builder of competitive advantage and an enabler of a successful study experience is significant. At its best, technology supports the student and the teacher at every stage of the studies. Understanding the needs and everyday life of a student should be in a central role when developing new service models and processes.

The technological revolution of the education sector

HubSpot partner for educational institutions Labs  has been selected to support the digital transformation of many Finnish educational institutions such as the Vocational College Spesia, Invalidisäätiö Foundation and the Diakonia College of Finland using HubSpot technology. The goal has been to build a modern educational process in which technology supports the student’s path from application process to graduation and finally employment. Labs' solid service design background combined with technical expertise provides a good basis for understanding complex processes and business environments. Check out the Invalidisäätiö Foundation’s customer story which provides you an example how we updated the customer’s marketing, communications, and customer care processes using HubSpot technology.

How does technology support the student on their journey?

Companies are already used to making quick changes to keep pace with the constantly changing environment. The same requirements now also apply to public-sector actors. We have been involved in supporting the technological leap of several Finnish educational institutions and have discovered how technology and modern processes affect the success of actors in the education field, especially in these four areas:


Choosing the educational institution

An educational institution cannot exist without students. The discoverability and accessibility of services are aspects that cannot be taken for granted as competition intensifies. You need to think about the channels through which you can best reach your potential students as well as tactics to effectively drive traffic to your services. In addition to engaging stakeholders, it is important to ensure that services stand out online and on search engines. When a potential student finally arrives at your site, it’s a good idea to reflect on how to get all the necessary information passed on to the visitor quickly and easily.

Making the application process as easy and simple as possible plays a critical role when attracting potential students. In the worst case, the applicant may be lost before your mutual journey has even begun. While the website is designed to provide information to new students, business partners, and stakeholders, you must ensure that the website also supports the needs of the current students of the institution.


Academic progression

Technology is often a significant bridge between an educational institution and a student. If you manage to be present in the channels that your students are used to spend time, the institution becomes more effectively involved in the student's daily life. Technology enables support in the right places and at the right time. Data can provide a deeper understanding of your students and enables you to identify potential red flags and emerging risks of dropouts earlier and more effectively. In addition to providing a platform for building and maintaining student relationships, technology at its best brings the institution’s teachers, stakeholders, and administrative teams together in the same environment.


Professional competence

Business co-operation is an important part of the activities of educational institutions and aspects of the professional life is introduced to the study path at an early stage. Without the support of technology, systematic business cooperation is almost impossible to sustain and develop. Technology provides tools to measure and gather data that is a key to fully understand if the operations are developing in the right direction. At its best, technology helps you allocate human resources to tasks where they are most needed. Unified processes and technology play a crucial role in supporting a student’s journey from a school bench to professional life.


Maintaining interaction

With the aid of technology, it is ensured that the student's relationship with the educational institution is not by default interrupted at the end of a course. Active communication involves providing reminders about postgraduate study opportunities which sustains the relationship between an alumni and an institution. Automated communication paths and targeted newsletters are an important part of student-centered aftercare. Thus, choosing the right systems and designing appropriate processes is key to actively maintain competitiveness. It should not be forgotten that a satisfied graduate student also serves as the best recommender of your educational institution.

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