HubSpot CRM Deployment for Energy Companies

With Kaksio Labs HubSpot energy vertical extension 

The power of centralized customer management by HubSpot CRM 

The multi-channel operating environment of energy companies requires advanced CRM to make sure all key customer information is always available in real time and to the right teams. HubSpot brings together all the key points of contact, enabling marketing, sales and customer service to best cater the customer. Targeted and expert.

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HubSpot industry extension for energy companies

The complex system architecture of energy companies places special demands on HubSpot. With the Kaksio Labs extension, the standard objects provided by HubSpot are supported by custom objects and integrations to make all different systems and databases work together efficiently. By combining Kaksio's energy vertical extension with HubSpot's sales and marketing automation, the energy company will have access to ready-made functionalities for process management, sales, marketing and customer relationship management. With the industry extension, companies will be able to manage and automate B2C and B2B sales processes, customer communications and marketing.

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Kaks.io Labs HubSpot energy vertical

kumppanit-ikoni 1 (1)Automated customer processes

The Kaksio Labs energy vertical provides ready-made automation paths during the customer's entire life cycle. The most common automated workflows are related to the renewal of fixed-term electricity contracts, the signing of the contract process, and the establishment and termination of customer relationships.

Also workflows starting on a specific trigger are included. These can contain, for example, targeted communication such as feedback surveys, contract renewals and marketing messages. Automation paths can also be modified to include sales-oriented internal notifications and workflows that update customer-related data fields based on actions taken. Automated workflows increase predictability, remove reactive work from the sales and customer teams, and most importantly, prevent unnecessary customer relationship terminations.

kumppanit-ikoni 1 (1)Data architecture

Nowadays, HubSpot is a viable option for the CRM needs of larger companies. Customized records and integrations create a flexible foundation for centralizing business-critical information. The energy vertical typically includes customer-specific system integrations as well as a Custom Object data record structure designed for the energy industry, which takes into account, among other things, the locations and places of use that can be linked to customers.

kumppanit-ikoni 1 (1)B2C + B2B

One of the biggest challenges in the energy industry is the fragmentation of operations into numerous different systems and channels. It is not entirely impossible for B2B and B2C functions to live in complete isolation in separate environments. The Kaksio Labs energy vertical brings together all important customer information into one system. Using custom objects in HubSpot, the same person can both join a private electricity contract and act as a contact person for a corporate contract. All information is centralized in one system, so customer-related internal stakeholders such as marketing, communications, sales and customer service are always up-to-date with real-time information.

Kaksio Labs energy vertical takes into account electricity, product and service sales processes. Also various reports and forecasts required during these processes are provided for.

kumppanit-ikoni 1 (1)Seamless customer experience

Energy companies are under pressure to adapt to the growing needs of consumers. The winners are those who are able to create seamless customer experience regardless of the channel. If customer information is fragmented into several different systems, the customer experience is usually the one that suffers first. Customers assume, that what has just been agreed with a vendor is known when contacting customer service via chat. As the number of service channels increases, the centralization of information will play an increasingly critical role in maintaining competitive edge.

When information on existing or expired contracts, active products and product categories, locations and locations of use is in one place, implementing additional sales, cross-selling and targeted communications is more effective.

HubSpot brings together all the key elements of customer communication from email marketing to live chat and customer satisfaction surveys in one tool. When the information is concentrated in one place, the data can be filtered both in connection with the information related to the customer relationship and based on the possible activity of the contact (e.g. website visits, form fillings, email openings). The Kaksio Labs energy vertical also takes into account the configuration of the system so that it can be used for both marketing and customer relationship-related communication.

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Migration of CRM systems and Digital TransformationWe worked closely with Kaks.io labs on moving to a single CRM platform using HubSpot. The team worked well on identifying a great migration plan and executed flawlessly in the implementation. The team was flexible, agile and ready to drive the right outcomes for us despite tight time schedules. Thanks for being a great partner for us!

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