Industry specific solutions

SaaS, energy, education and finance  

Industry-specific in-depth expertise

Over the years, we have grown our understanding, particularly in four different business sectors: education, SaaS, finance and energy. Kaks.io Labs is often selected as a partner for projects, that require understanding of the specifics of the business and a robust technology orientation. Migrations, integrations and technical understanding set us apart from many other players in the industry.

We bend HubSpot to your needs.

Turnkey services through our partner network

We work closely with the best marketing agencies in the industry. Working with many separate offices eats up synergies between channels and as a customer, you have to coordinate the same things many times. We want to offer comprehensive projects that genuinely benefit our customers in which we work closely with our partners.

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Kaks.io is operating in every business area.

Industry-specific solutions

HubSpot solutions for education sector

We have previously supported the digital leap of many educational institutions. Our strength is our understanding of the system and solid integration expertise.

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Your favourite HubSpot partner in the SaaS sector

An understanding of the organization’s multidimensional customer experience and digital channels has made us a popular partner in the SaaS sector.

We are specialiced in the demanding needs of the energy sector

We have supported energy companies in comprehensive HubSpot deployments. In fact, we are wizards when it comes to projects cruising in the B2B and B2C terrains.

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Fundrasing processes are familiar to us.

Kaks.io Labs has developed a HubSpot CRM vertical for investment companies handling the fundraising processes, deal flows and key account management.

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Forerunners in service experience & design
Kaks.io Labs has been helping us to clarify the complex paths of our versatile b2c & b2b customer journeys in the areas of vocational education, working life training and rehabilitation. We are thrilled of their expertise and visionary approach in building HubSpot installations incl. CMS, CRM and MA. The first HubSpot implementations, as well as content creation, were executed in a very tight time span and Kaks.io Labs' commitment to us as their customer has been amazing since day one. And most of all, it's fun to work with Kaksio Labs' pilots.

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